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by - April 11, 2018

Everyone likes to experience their travels differently. Some people like to get rough and rugged, while others like to look for luxury. If you prefer a sophisticated and classy vacation, there are so many places you can choose and ways you can make your trip more luxurious. Some destinations will ensure you come across rich culture and incredible views wherever you go. You'll have your pick of sophisticated things to see and do if you pick the right place. For some ideas, try the suggestions below to get started with planning a trip.

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A trip to anywhere in Europe can seem sophisticated to some people. But it's not all glamorous, just like anywhere in the world. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to see that lend themselves to a luxury lifestyle, like the capital of Spain. Madrid has everything you could want from a classy vacation, from art to food. You might find that you can get better deals by searching for flights and hotels in Spanish - look for the phrase comparador hoteles to compare hotel rooms. Start with a luxury hotel like the Westin Palace, then get in some shopping in the Salamanca district. Then head to a wine bar for the evening.

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California Wine Country

What could be more sophisticated than a whole vacation based on wine? California is world famous for its wine country, which includes areas like Napa Valley and the Sonoma Valley too. You can easily have a luxurious trip in this location, even on a budget. If you want a comfortable hotel, you could pick a spa hotel like the DoubleTree by Hilton in Napa Valley. If you want to go on a wine tour, decide if you want a guided one or whether to do it on your own. Guided tour options include everything from trains and limos to cycling tours.

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Morocco is a great choice of vacation destination if you're looking for something a little different. You'll find a rich culture and plenty of history, not to mention good food, and you can do it all in style. You could spend most of your time lounging in a luxury hotel and exploring Marrakech, or you might like to get a bit more active and go on a trek. If you'd prefer not to walk, there's always the option of taking a helicopter tour and seeing the beautiful scenery from above.

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Go Cruising

If you don't necessarily want to one destination, going on a cruise could work for you instead. Not every cruise offers the luxury experience, but you can find a sophisticated trip if you choose carefully. Go for adults-only cruises if you want to avoid the family fun that many ships are designed for. Consider the Queen Mary 2 or a similar ship, where you're sure to find elegance and luxury. Do the roundtrip transatlantic crossing or maybe take a trip around New England and Canada.

Enjoy a sophisticated vacation in one of these locations or find your own ideas. You deserve to treat yourself!

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