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by - April 18, 2018

As a mom my #FitnessFocus has been my abs for months. Growing a new human life really took a toll on my mid section. These are some of my favorite ab workouts I have been using to redefine my "mom bod". Leave your favorite core strengthening movements in the comment section below!  I love hearing from you and have enjoyed seeing all your progress! Thanks to those who have Tweeted me! If you want to join in as a part of this #MommyMuscles series tweet me your fitness goals, workouts, progress, and self care using the hashtags #MommyMuscles & #FitnessFocus.

In this workout complete each movement for 1 minute. Try not to have more than a 30 second rest in between, only if needed. If you are just starting out your postpartum fitness journey, make sure to take your time and rest before your failure point. Do not push yourself too hard early in your postpartum state. Instead, try building up to completing this workout in 8 minutes. These targeted movements are great for any fitness level and are guaranteed to produce lean sculpted results. Save this workout and try doing this 3x a week! To make these movements more advanced try adding ankle and wrist weights.

  • Leg Raises 

Lying flat on your back with your hands at your side. (I like to place my palms on the floor with my hands slightly under my rear end for support) With your legs extended straight in front of you, bend at the hips and raise them vertically to form a right angle with your body. Lower your legs making sure not to hit the floor and raise again. For best results try keeping your back flat on the floor, pressing in from the core. This movement targets the lower abs, a stubborn area for most postpartum mothers. 

  • Reverse Crunches
Start in the traditional crunch position. With arms behind your head lift both legs to form a 90 degree angle. Begin your crunch drawing your knees in slightly lifting your hips up off the ground. Keep your lower back firmly pressed into the floor/mat. To make this movement for advanced extend your legs straight, making sure not to touch the floor, on the release of the crunch. 

  • Bicycle Crunches 
With legs raised, knees bent, arms behind head, and back firmly pressed against the floor, like the start of the reverse crunch, alternate knee to elbow movements when bringing in your crunch. To make this move more advanced extend your leg, making sure not to touch the floor, at the release of the crunch.

  • Elbow Plank 
Begin on your hands and knees. Lower to rest on your elbows, making sure they are shoulder width apart. Tuck in your toes and step back with your feet, bringing your body and head into one straight line. Align your heels over your toes. Keeping your shoulders and core firm, hold this stance for 1 minute.

  • Russian Twists
Sit up with your knees bent. Lean your torso back to form a 45 degree angle. Keep your feet firmly on the floor or raised slightly off the ground. With hands gripped together twist from left to right, engaging your core. To make this movement more advanced hold onto a medicine ball, dumbbell, kettlebell, or weight plate.

  • Toe Touches 
Laying down with your body extended out flat, bend at the knees raising them to form a 45 degree angle. Expand your feet to 18-24 inches apart. With arms extended out at the side, crunch your torso forward, and alternate from side to side tapping your hands to your heels. This is a great oblique exercise. 

  • Flutter Kicks
Laying down flat with arms secured under your rear end, keep your lower back pressed flat to the floor. Alternate raising legs making sure to not rest your legs on the floor. 

  • Side Plank (Right / Left)
Lie on your side with your legs straight. Prop yourself up with your forearm so your body forms a diagonal line. Rest your unsupported hand on your hip. Brace your abs and hold for 30 seconds. Then switch sides.

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