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by - March 27, 2018

Modern technology has really made tracking and motivating your health and fitness journey super simple. With apps to track your steps and weight loss and even targeted guided workout routines designed by real life health and fitness professionals. It has never been simpler to live a healthy lifestyle. Today I am going to share with you the apps I currently have downloaded to guide me along my postpartum #MommyMuscles fitness journey. From at-home workouts to healthy recipes. If you have favorite apps please share them in the comments! I would love to check them out! If you aren't already caught up on the #MommyMuscles series check out previous posts here:

The first app I am going to talk about is the Yolanda app. This is a free download that connects to the Yolanda Scale. If you are a dedicated reader you have definitely heard me talk about this before. Even in this series! I am seriously obsessed. This app tracks everything, literally everything. Body fat, muscle mass, BMI and so much more. I won't preach your ears off anymore than I already have, but if you want more info on this check out my review at Review: Yolanda Smart Scale. It has guided me on my postpartum fitness journey by tracking my progress in a variety of health aspects, setting goals, and even reminders!

I think an important part in any fitness journey is the fitness of your mind. To achieve full body health and wellness you have to exercise your mind and make sure you are also getting proper rest. Your brain is a muscle and while we oftentimes focus on the outward appearance we mustn't forget about what is on the inside. Headspace is a guided meditation app with a variety of focuses. If you want to work on self-esteem, focus, clarity, sleep or more, Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk with a degree in Circus Arts will guide you along your meditation training. His calming British accent is relaxing and the app is extremely easy to use. It also sets reminders for you to take some time for yourself. Whether it be for 1 to 20 minutes it makes meditation easy for everyone from the novice to master.

Yummly is a meal planning / recipe app. It has been a life saver in my household. I used to go to the market aimlessly. Ending up spending way to much time and money leading to food waste and me at a loss as to what to make when meal times rolled around. I had a bunch of food that ended up not really fitting together. Since I started using Yummly I have been able to try, plan, and shop for new healthy meals. Constantly changing up meals is a must with a finicky toddler who changes his mind more times than I change his diaper. When I find a recipe I like and want to try, I can Shop My Kitchen for the items I have on hand and add to my in-app mobile Shopping List the items I need. Shopping my kitchen before going to the market has made use out of the items I already have. Which in the end saves me money and reduces our food waste! This app is an all around win!

Workouts is a guided targeted workout app that has professionally designed routines. It is perfect for days I can't make it to the gym. It is currently the "rainy season" here in the high desert of Nevada. So when the weather is yucky I don't drag my toddler out of the house. These workouts have video instructions on how to perform each movement. This is one of my favorite aspects of this app. The video assures me that I am performing the move correctly similar to how a fitness class instructor would. The app also has multiple levels of difficulty and length, so as I get stronger the workouts become more challenging.

As I struggle with PCOS it has always been important for me to monitor my cycle and symptoms. Flo makes that super easy and shareable with my medical provider. It tracks everything from my cycle to ovulation, water intake and pill reminders, moods, symptoms, sexual activity and more. It can even be easily changed to Pregnancy mode if you are trying to grow a family. This is one of the best health apps I have ever tried. It is incredibly accurate even with predicting my own personal inaccuracies. I have even set up pill reminders for the supplements I am taking to aid in my postpartum weight loss and overall health.

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