Making Your Garden Colorful All Year Round

by - March 06, 2018

If your garden is coming out of winter looking a little worse for wear, then you’re not alone. Through the cold months, and if you get snow, the garden and yard can get completely neglected. Very little grows, and if you don’t have any evergreen shrubs or plants, then it will be left looking rather bare and brown. So if you want to have a garden that is green all year round, or has pops of color all year round, then it does take a bit of planning, as well as the right know-how. There are always times like spring and summer where more flowers and plants are in bloom, so the color will be more vivid and bright. But it is possible to make sure that your garden is never void of color. Here are some of the things that you can do to help.


Unless you’re brand new to your home, you will have an idea about what does grow each year. But if you want to start afresh, then pulling out the bulbs of the things that you don’t really like or that don’t grow well is a good idea. Having a decluttered plot means that the plants and flowers that you do have will grow more easily, as they’re not competing with as many other roots for the goodness in the soil.

Evergreen Plants

Some trees, as we know, drop all of their leaves during fall, and then look pretty bare over winter. And while having some of them is a good idea, planting some evergreen plants or shrubs can be a good idea to make sure that you do have color in your garden all year round. From Mexican fan palm trees to Buxus, there are evergreen plants for all styles of garden or yard. Having some that frame a doorway or line the garden can be a good idea, so that you’ve got something that pops with color all year round.

Stock up on Planters

Not everything that you plant is going to grow when you want it to, especially if it is new. So think about having some planters in reserve, so that you can get some ready bloomed flowers or shrubs to display over the right season. So think about things like tulips for Spring, and sunflowers over summer perhaps. Then you’ve got a quick and instant pop of color when you need one.

Consider Faux-Grass

One way to achieve a colorful garden is to have faux items in the garden. From faux plants in planters to grass, you can achieve a bright look that is pretty easy to maintain too. So if you like being in your garden but don’t enjoy the upkeep, then something like this could be a really good idea.

Plant Seasonally

Knowing the right flowers that bloom at the right time is key to having color all year round. For winter, consider Christmas Box or Wintersweet bulbs as they flower and smell amazing in winter. For spring and summer there are plenty more options, from snowdrops to tulips, and alliums. For fall, late-flowering perennials like asters and verbena bonariensis could be a good idea.

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