How to Create a Kitchen that Works for You

by - March 05, 2018

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The kitchen is at the heart of most houses. It is where you prepare food together, chat over breakfast and begin your day. As a parent, it is likely that the kitchen is also the most frustrating room in the house for you. It is where you are trying to cook something delicious and nutritious while keeping an eye on the kids and attempt to return everything to its original just-about-tidy state.

The thing is that your kitchen is possibly one of the best areas you can do up in terms of your own sanity and the value of your property. This means that if there is one room you can afford to do up properly and make your own, it is this one. And the best thing about that is the realization that it probably won’t cost you a fortune as long as you are smart about your design.  

Smart Solutions

The modern house is all about smart solutions, whether that is a tap that gives you boiling water immediately and then flicks straight back to cold or having cupboards that open out for you so that you aren’t rummaging around trying to find the jar you wanted at the back. But smart solutions are also quite often the simple solutions it just doesn’t occur to you to change.

For example, most people put blinds at their windows to mediate light as well as give a bit more privacy if your window faces out, but rather than using long blinds that will only get greasy, try using roller blinds that you can easily clean and then just roll away when it’s not in use. Or, what about putting hooks under your cupboards so that you can hang mugs up and out of the way? Maybe you could even suspend wire frames from the ceiling and use hooks to hang up your bigger utensils?

All smart solutions are about combining ideas and making use of every single inch of your kitchen, walls, floor and ceiling. These solutions don’t have to be expensive or high-tech, but they will certainly help you out!


The next thing to think about is how you are going to organize your kitchen so that you can always reach what you need and can move naturally within the space. Most of the frustration of cooking tends to come from the inability to find something when you know that you only have a 30 second window before the pasta goes mushy or something sticks to the bottom of the pan.

The best way to figure out how you want to move in your kitchen is to take everything out of the cupboards and stand at the cooker as if you are making your favourite meal. Now, without thinking about where stuff normally is, see where you naturally go to get out a pan, or a jar of something, or find a spoon. This will help to inform which cupboards should contain what.

Now that you have an idea of where stuff should go, modifying your storage space shouldn’t be too difficult. You can quite easily change the height of most shelves and use baskets attached to the door and on small castors to make everything reachable. You should also go back and consider some of those smart solutions too. Which ones could benefit the way you organize your space?


So now that you have smart solutions and you have organized your kitchen so that it works much better for you, the next thing to think about is how you are going to light the kitchen. As a workspace, bright lighting is essential so that you can see exactly what you are doing, but if you also eat in the kitchen, you will also want some softer lighting to make your meal a bit more relaxed.

LED spot lights are probably the best way to start as they are energy efficient, can be angled and give plenty of bright light - especially if you choose the white LEDs. Space them throughout your main work area to provide decent coverage. Placing lights under your cabinets is also a good idea as this will provide more focused light in areas where you are preparing foods. You could use fluorescent tube lights, but LED versions are now available, and as before, are much more energy efficient.

For that softer lighting, placing low hanging ceiling lights above your dining table or breakfast bar is a definite trend that continues into 2018. While this trend was initially mainly using industrial style caged Edison bulbs, it has now diversified and you can use all kinds of different styles to complement your own kitchen and taste.


Adding personality to your kitchen might feel like an impossible task, but actually with your smart solutions and clever organization, you probably have much more room than you thought. Much of the personality of this particular room comes from the colors you choose and the style of units you have. Bright, bold colors are always a lot of fun in the kitchen but country and shaker styles will probably never go out of fashion if that is more your thing.

A clever way to inject a little bit of personality is by using open shelves and mason jars to store your ingredients. This is a nice way to create a feature and you should feel free to add your own things like framed pictures or even a jar of fairy lights to spruce things up. Adding fresh herbs in small pots is also a good way to bring a bit of life to your kitchen, not to mention a great resource for extra flavour!

Creating a kitchen that works can take a bit of imaginative thinking and you should probably leave your preconceptions about what a kitchen should look like at the door. Even if you don’t have the luxury of fitting a completely new kitchen, you can always find ways to make what you have work even better - it’s just a case of thinking logically about what your needs are and then finding the smart solution that fits.

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R.C. Willey

R.C. Willey


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