Simple Ways You Can Afford Travel

by - February 17, 2018

I have heard every excuse in the book as to why people who want to travel don't. I can't afford it, I can't get the time off work, I have a home to take care of, I have pets or children.... The list could go on and on. Often times people make these excuses because they are scared or too anxious about traveling, or maybe they are not as serious as they lead on and traveling is not truly important to them. I personally believe that no amount of money or fancy things can make you richer then the experiences of travel. Real first hand life experience. Diving head first into a foreign culture. Nothing gets better than that if I do say so myself. So if you are serious about wanting to find tried and true ways to be able to afford traveling on any budget keep on reading.

Downsize Your Life 
Now this is a suggestion some nomadic adventurers choose to take very very literally. I'm sure you have heard the stories of couples and even families selling everything they own and traveling the world. Now of course you don't have to take it to such an extreme. Though, if you do more power to you, but downsizing is an incredible way to save money. Especially, if you are looking to travel more. Try downsizing your home if you want to spend more time away or are close to retirement. Many condos have HOA dues and cover many expenses such as landscaping, outdoor maintenance, even amenities like pools, sporting, bbq's etc. Downsizing your home can save big time on those extra expenses. Though maybe you like your home and your area and don't want to move. There are other ways to downsize your life. Try buying a vehicle that is a few years old verses something brand new. The payment and insurance costs will be much less. You can then use the extra savings to put towards your next trip.

Budget your expenses
Financial discipline and structure can bring to light those unnecessary splurges that are often not thought about and just swept under the rug. Try to buy only what you need. Cook at home more instead of getting those pricey takeaways. Shop outlets to get your favorite designers for fractions off the retail price. I have started giving myself an "allowance" and putting the rest of my funds into savings. Often times people budget in reverse. Setting an amount to place into savings every week or month and keeping the rest of their funds available. This tends to lead to overspending. By setting a weekly budget for myself and only allowing that amount to be available to me has saved me so much. On weeks I make more money more goes into savings and my weekly allowance stays the same. I have found this little brain trick to be the best way for me to save and be more financially responsible. Give this a shot and let me know what you think in the comments!

Off Season 
Many in demand travel destinations have travel seasons. Such as the Grand Canyon is a more popular destination in the summer months to take in the hikes and scenery, and Aspen, Colorado is more of a winter time attraction with it's world famous ski slopes. If you want to get the best deals on the popular places try traveling during an off season or right before or after the peak tourism times. Prices will be much lower so you have the chance to save BIG! Hotels near Bryce Canyon National Park can be upwards of $300+ per night during peak season. Though during the off season I have found  rooms for less than $50-$80 per night. Getting there early or coming in late can not only save you money, but you'll also avoid all those click happy tourists. Less crowds always makes for better deals.

I am certain if you have visited any travel site ever you have been suggested to bundle your flight, hotel, and car rental. These can sometimes be better deals, but that's not the kind of bundle I am bringing up for this final tip. Trip bundles and all inclusive resorts are normally sold at mega discounts. You can find more info on travel bundles in my post "How I Travel For Cheap". Hospitality companies often run bundle specials when they are trying to sell new and/or available timeshares. The trip is heavily discounted, but the downside is you have to sit through a 60 minute pitch and a resort tour. However, I would take this deal. Timeshare sales trips are normally in a high demand area and are scheduled for times during the peak season. This makes it so the visitor gets the full effect of the property which makes them more inclined to buy and visit again. You are not obligated to buy on these timeshare travel bundles so that makes the deals even sweeter. The pitch is a small price to pay for the money you'll save.

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  1. Great information! We're planning a trip in October, will definitely incorporate some of this tips! :)

    Maren Auxier

    1. That is so exciting! October is one of my favorite months to travel since it is my birthday month! Good luck and safe travels