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by - February 01, 2018

The day that your receive the call to tell you that your offer on the house has been accepted will be the most exciting day of your life, for now, anyway. When this day finally arrives, it is all systems go on your moving process and you are now going to be counting down the weeks until you can pick up your keys for the first time. Once the offer is concrete and you have a date, it will be time to start organising your affairs and getting ready for moving day.

Moving house can be a massive job is you already have furniture and belongings of your own, and it can take weeks of planning just to get everything into boxes and ready to go. The key is organisation and plenty of help from the people you know and love. Here are some ways that you can make the moving process much less stressful for yourself and everyone else around you.

Get organised
It is absolutely crucial to be organised at this point in your moving process. Imagine how Monica Geller would organise her belongings and take a leaf out of her book. Get out the colours and marker pens, colour coordinate items by room and material, go crazy with lists and generally make sure that every last detail is jotted down in your schedule. You will want to first start by having a clear out in your home to get rid of things you don’t want to keep: and after this you can start to pack up. Book a date with furniture removals for the big items and then focus on the small. You will want to put things in boxes labelled with the room, the type of item and whether or not it is fragile. For example if you had books you could label the box with living room: books. You know these aren’t fragile so there’s no need to worry about piling items on top of this box.

The To Do List

A to do list can be the one thing which keeps you sane during the moving process. You will be able to write down everything which needs to be done each week and it will feel incredibly satisfying when you tick items off the list. Some of the things you will want to include might be:
By jotting everything down you will feel at peace and know you haven’t forgotten any important details.

Get some help
Honestly, if you want to make the process of moving out and then into your new home as painless as possible, you need to learn to ask for help. It could be that you ask your family to help with the packing, or even get a friend to lend you their van for the day. Whatever it is, every little scrap of help you can get from people you know will take that weight off your shoulders. In return for their help,or you can offer money, a meal out as a thank you or even a couple of drinks at the pub. The people you know will be happy to lend a hand during the process and they will not expect anything in return.

Pack things in order
Think about what you are packing in each box. We have already covered this but it is time to reiterate how important this point is. The temptation might be to throw everything in one box and deal with the mess later, but this will just add time onto your unpacking and make you stressed when you are in the new place. If you take the time now to put the same items in the same box, you can simply move the boxes into the relevant room when you get there and you are sorted. Put the pans with the pans, appliances with appliances and clothes with clothes. Make things easier for yourself now and later.

Take a break

If you are starting to struggle focusing on the take at hand, don’t force yourself to push through it. Take a break when you need to because you can’t concentrate if you are tired. Remember that moving into your new home is supposed to be a joyous time in your life, so remember to enjoy the last few weeks you spend on your old house before you move into the new one.

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