Living Light In Your Life

by - February 15, 2018

We all get a bit down from time to time, but do you feel like you’ve got a bit of room in your life for more? Living light means you’re aiming to live a little less stressful, and a little more for and with yourself! Maybe you’re getting bogged down with the daily grind, having to pay your bills, and getting the groceries in each night. And now it’s all finally stacking up and you’ve noticed a downward spiral in the past few months. Either way, there’s some big and small changes to make in your household to make the days go past a little smoother. Here’s some of the best!

Buy Some Flowers

You don’t need anyone else to buy you some flowers, as picking up a bouquet from the store is incredibly easy when you need to grocery shopping anyway! Remind yourself how much you love yourself by introducing a little more color into the living room or your bedroom, and use up some negative space. Every time you look at them you can smile, at the very least.

If you’re the type who knows their garden inside and out, you can buy particular flowers to promote healing, or love, or even a chrysanthemum for protection against those negative thoughts. Simply letting yourself enjoy your day by doing little appreciative things for yourself is incredibly healthy and can make you happy. It won’t be a drain on any of your resources either, so go pick up some flowers right now!

Save Some Energy

And that applies to both yourself and your house! If you’re saving energy, you’re saving money, and when you’re saving money you’re going to feel a lot better about yourself. Take your water consumption as a good example here: if you find the best tankless water heater for your needs, you’re going to be saving on both money and wasted energy! Two birds with one stone, and you didn’t have to negotiate with a sales person.

With just a few quick changes, and installations performed by someone else, you’re not going to have to work as hard to afford what you need. And you get a few extra minutes on the sofa for a midday nap when you need it!

Dress in Your Sunday Best

So maybe you’re not the church going type, but dressing up in your best clothes or your party outfits can make you feel a lot better when looking in the mirror. Put your face on and wear the reddest lipstick you have, and simply appreciate how good you look! You can go one step further with a bit of music and dancing and really bring the nightclub indoors.

Invite a friend around if they have a free evening and simple dance together, enjoying your time drinking and chatting in a stress free environment. Now that’s something the clubs can never give you!

Living light throughout your life has a lot of benefits, so make some quick and fun changes today.

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