Hysterics in the Hotel | Better Ways To Travel With A New Baby

by - February 06, 2018

Seemingly continual crying is one of those baby problems all us mothers have to deal with at some stage. Sometimes, the solution is easy enough. You give them a bottle, and they settle down again. You change their nappy and hey presto, they’re silent. Other times, the screaming goes on for hours, and nothing you do can settle them. It can be a frustrating feeling. You know your baby is trying to communicate something, but you can’t for the life of you work out what it is.

But, aside from driving you to tear your hair out, this screaming isn’t a problem when you’re at home. Your neighbors may get a little fed up, but you’re in your house, and there’s not much they can do about it. Besides, the chances are that they’ll be ultimately understanding. People out in the real world, however, may not be as much.

This can become a real worry when you’re traveling. Ultimately, you want to get your baby used to flights and staying away while they’re young enough to take it in their stride. But, the idea of staying in a hotel with a baby is terrifying. What if they scream the place down all night? To avoid that eventuality, consider a few alternatives, like the ones mentioned below.


Rentals are a fantastic idea, because they provide you with your own space, just like you would get at home. Opting for a detached choice ensures your baby can cry as much as they want. Only those who love them will have to cope with it. You may be worried about cost here but, in truth, the right rental shouldn’t cost much more than a stay in a hotel. That’s especially the case if a few people are attending. To make sure this would work out, you may want to test it with a holiday rental close to home first. Something like a winter rental in New York is sure to work well for this. This will help you judge how your baby acts when somewhere unfamiliar, and whether e this would work further afield.


There’s not a great deal of difference between an Airbnb and a rental. But, as Airbnbs are owned by individuals rather than companies, you may find more baby-friendly options. Some hosts who are catering for families may provide everything, from toys to a crib. And, if you search and book early enough, you could bag a bargain here.

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