Family Time: Create The Perfect Living Space For Everyone In Your Home

by - February 22, 2018

Family households are busy and hectic places, as kids seem to have a lot of stuff (which also appears to increase over time magically). Therefore, the living area in your family home will be a place where everyone congregates at different points throughout the day, and for various activities. Whether it’s to read, relax, play, or even work; your living space will be a hub that’s brimming with uses, family members, and all those things that come with them. However, just because a room is heavily used, it doesn’t mean that it has to be cluttered or unorganized, or have any less of an interior design impact and plenty of style. With a little thought and effort, you can turn your living space into something worthy of a design magazine or blog (hey). Perhaps leave the painting and craft activities with your kids for the kitchen or garden area!

You’ll need to look at the space as a whole a figure out ways to utilize what you already have, and what you may need to invest in, in the future. Therefore, it’s time to get your notebook and pen out and start writing down what you use the room for, and all those exciting ideas you find and want to implement into your household to switch it up. An interior can be functional and beautiful, even if you do have kids running in and out of it all day (it might be time for a shoes-off rule). The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for those who want to improve their family’s living area and make the most of the time spent within it.

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The Layout

The layout is crucial to the success of any room; therefore, it might be a good idea to seek the help of a reputable interior design company; they will be experts in making the most of a space. Make sure you have your list ready and have included what you want to utilize the space for, along with any style inspiration. You’ll want every family member to be able to get through the room with ease; however, you may also need to create little nooks and separate areas for study and work, or perhaps a zone that’s purely for play. It can be a challenge to combine a relaxing space with an area that’s used for activities, so that’s why it’s worth getting some expert advice, and seeing how the interior experts would do it.

The Storage

Much like the layout, the storage in your family’s living space will need to provide enough room to house a variety of things. Great storage solutions will also allow you to create a streamlined, modern, and tidy look (perhaps after the kids have gone to bed). Open shelving can be a great way to divide a space and display your favorite interior books, ornaments and pictures, whereas as the drawers and cupboards in a space are better for storing (hiding) all those toys, games, and items you don’t reach for very often. Designing your perfect family interior space should be fun, and there’s no reason the kids can’t have an input, so sit down together one weekend and decide your plan of action.

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