Don't Cry Mommy! We All Have Baby Problems

by - February 02, 2018

We've all been there, we've had concerns about our beautiful babies that we feel we're the only parents in the world going through them. From the baby clothes not fitting, to other issues like sleep! While every other mother tells you that their baby slept through the night right away, it's unlikely they were telling the truth! But, here are three common baby problems that you are going to go through, and everybody else will too!

Baby Clothes Not Fitting
Picture the scenario, you’ve given birth, everything is fine, but all the clothes that you spent the last 7 months buying don't fit your baby at all. If your baby was born premature or just small, the fact is that most baby clothes in newborn size start at 7 lbs. But luckily, some suppliers can deliver quickly, but the problem is you have to look online! There are websites like Baby Prem that cater specifically for premature babies. And you might be too frazzled to have a look yourself so soon after your baby was born but place this duty on your significant other or a family member. Then as your child gets older, they can wear more fashionable brands, like Nicki's and be a fashionable little toddler! Don’t worry about them being too small now, enjoy the cuddling time while you can!

They Never Sleep!
We've all been through this one! There are many reasons why a baby won't sleep through the night. Your baby may need to feed, or they may very simply need your reassurance. But, ask yourself this, do they have a bedtime routine, really?! If not, this is the first thing to address, because some babies may wake through the night, because they haven't been put down early enough! Focus on getting a routine. Do what you need to do, so that they can go down to sleep, but if they do wake during the night, revert back to this routine you have fashioned. Yes, it feels immensely draining at the time, but you've got to stick to your guns with this one.

They’re Not Talking Yet
There can be a point where all the other babies around your child are talking, but your child isn't! It can be very worrying, but you need to remember that every child has their own way of developing. If you have concerns, you can always go to your health visitor; they will very likely reassure you that this is normal. But if you want to help speed up your babies comprehension of speech, then do everything you can to communicate with them. Look at them directly as you talk to them, talk when you are doing other things, sing to your child, and do what you can to hold their attention. Constant engagement with your baby is the key to helping them develop. And if you're not doing any of this, this is the best place to begin.

You are not the only one; every mother goes through stresses and anxieties about their baby’s development, or their day to day problems. For the most part, these are all normal. So keep going, you're doing great!

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