Alternative Ways To Make More Space

by - February 23, 2018

Do you ever get that feeling like your home is closing in on you? Sometimes we just need to make more space to feel like we can function within our home, especially if you have children. As soon as children come along, the home definitely does feel like it is shrinking a little. Toys are throw everywhere, and the house becomes their playground. But it isn't just children that seem to take up a lot of space. Over the years you will no doubt collect a few items that you’ll never use, but you can’t seem to get rid of. So what is the solution to these problems you’re having? It’s to create more space, and we’ve got some fab alternative ways for you to do that.

Don’t Forget The Outdoors!

We’re always so quick to focus on the indoors and trying to make space that we might not necessarily have. So why don’t you look to the outdoors to create the room you’re needing. An outhouse could be the solution to all of your problems. If you have a garden big enough, then this is definitely something worth considering. Companies such as Armstrong Steel can take your ideas, and build the space of your dreams. It can be used for absolutely anything, but we recommend you use it for that extra storage space you need. But don’t use it as another space for you to clutter up. Think of all the things that you really want to keep, but don’t want to keep in the home, then put those in the outhouse rather than buying more things to fill it. Another idea could be to use it as an office if you have one indoors. It gives you a space away from the madness of the house to focus, you can then turn the original office room into another room to create more space.

Do You Really Need That?

This is the one question all of you homeowners should be asking yourself, because we guarantee you’ve got a few things lying around that you really don’t need. When you have your own home, it is easy enough to become a bit of a hoarder. So, go through your most cluttered room, probably your bedroom, and have a big clear out. There’s an opportunity to make a bit of money from this as well. If you’re clearing out things like old clothes or furniture, you could use a selling site such as Ebay to try and make a bit from it. In this day and age, every little does help. Or you could be charitable and donate it! Once you have had a little clear out, you can think about making the space you have a little less cluttered in terms of furniture. Try and be as simplistic as possible, especially when it comes to the bedroom. A simple dressing table or chest of drawers, with a nice oak bedside table should be all the space you need providing you have a built in wardrobe. If not you can get a combined chest of drawers and wardrobe that you created all the space you need. If you have a TV, mount it on the wall.

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