3 Ways Your Home Should Not Be Allowed To Stress You Out

by - February 26, 2018

Your home should be a refuge. It should be a sanctum that reflects your personal sense of style and makes your guests feel wowed and impressed while making you and your family feel… well… at home. For many of us, our home represents an opportunity to project our personality onto those four walls and everything within them, to bring us a sense of comfort and assurance of who we are. We spend a fortune on the exact right furniture, wall art, fixtures and fittings to ensure that our surroundings create a rendering of who we are in wood, stone, metal and plaster. Our home should be a place of joy. A shrine to relaxation and pleasure. While some teething and logistical problems are kind of inevitable your home should not be allowed to be an ongoing source of anxiety or stress. If your home is causing you undue stress in any of these ways, we have some solutions to help ease the stress…


“It’s got to bee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee-ee… Perfect!” It’s a catchy song, but it may not be a helpful dictum to live by. Many of us pride ourselves on our perfectionism in the world of work but if we carry this too much into our personal lives, we can actually do ourselves a real disservice. Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having high standards, but you can work your way to an early grave trying to chase perfection all the time. If you feel your heart rate increase when you see a smear of dirt on the skirting board or feel anger welling up inside you whenever the coffee table isn’t absolutely flush with the adjacent wall.. You likely need to step back and resign yourself to the fact that your home may always be beautiful but it will probably never be perfect.


Do you find yourself worrying constantly when you leave the home? Do you secretly dread going on vacation because you hate the thought of leaving your home defenseless against thieves and burglars? Do you deliberately eschew social engagements because there’ll be nobody at home to keep an eye on the place? With the right security provision you need never worry about your home’s security whenever you go away. An advanced protection system may be be enough to put your mind at rest. Click for more information on protecting your home from the threat of fire or burglary. Sometimes a second pair of eyes on your property can massively relieve your anxieties.  


Do you remember that episode of The Simpsons where Marge spends all morning ensuring that the house is pristine, then in the blink of an eye the whole family have reduced it to a mess. If this feels a little too familiar, you likely stress yourself out trying to do everything by yourself. No one person can fight the never ending battle against mess solo. Every able bodied member of the household should share the responsibility. Your partner and even your kids should have specific responsibilities to ensure that a messy household doesn’t drive you to an early coronary.

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