3 Great Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Little Boy

by - February 23, 2018

Do you have a son with a birthday coming up? If so, you may be struggling to think of what to get them. Boys can be tough to buy for, but there are some great options out there. Here are my top gift ideas for your little boy:

A Replica Jersey From Their Favorite Sports Team

Your son will most probably like a sport of some sort and have a favorite team. This gives you a great gift idea as you can buy them memorabilia for this team. I’ve used a jersey as an example, purely because it’s the easiest option and usually goes down a treat. They can wear their favorite soccer, football, hockey, or basketball teams jersey to school every day. They’ll love it, and it makes them feel like a proper fan. This can start a deep connection they have with this team for years to come. A jersey isn’t your only option, you can always get them something like a baseball glove with the team's logo on, or possibly a hat, gloves, and scarf set? The options are endless with this idea.

A Vehicle Of Some Sort

When I started writing this gift idea I had ‘toy car’ written down - as in one of those toy cars your son can get in and actually drive. Then, I thought about something like a safe dirt bike for a boy, or possibly even a child-friendly quad bike. In the end, I decided to just group all these things under the same heading and say you should get your son a vehicle of some sort. Why? Because they’ll have endless fun driving/riding it around, and it sets them up for later in life. This gift helps improve their hand-eye coordination, and could even teach them about things like road safety. Plus, it gets them outside, which is always good for their health. All in all, a great idea for a gift.

Their First Games Console

All boys eventually get to that stage where they want to play video games. So, getting your child a games console is a lovely gift idea. For one, it keeps them occupied when you’re busy doing other things. Secondly, it can actually help them develop skills as well. Thirdly, video games can be very social these days, so it helps them interact with other kids too. Just be sure to monitor their game time, so they’re not glued to it all the time. In fact, possibly use the console as leverage when you need them to do homework or something. If they get their homework finished, then they can play the console for a bit after. They get a cool present, and you get a bargaining chip!

When your child is in their school years, they’re fairly easy to buy presents for. You’ve got these great options above, and a whole host of other ideas out there too. It’s when they hit their teenage years and beyond that things get tough! But, you don’t have to think about that now, just think about throwing them the best birthday ever.

Melissa and Doug

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