The Perfect Life For Your Pet

by - January 17, 2018

A pet truly is a man's best friend. Nobody can deny that. Giving them the best life possible should always be your main priority. They should lead a better life than you do. They all rely on you to give them the care they need, and to ensure they have the best life possible.. So why wouldn't you give them everything they could possibly want? It doesn’t matter what pet you have, you’ll always have that deep connection with them that you can’t replicate anywhere else. It isn’t just about showering them with treats wherever possible, although that does play a big part in it, it is about making sure they’re always happy and healthy. To make sure you’re achieving this, we’ve outlined some of the ways in which you can make your pets have the perfect life.

The Right Pet

If you haven’t got a pet at the minute, you need to be asking yourself what is the right pet for you. This plays a vital role in determining how their life is going to be. Some people get a pet, don’t really like it, but keep it because they feel cruel getting rid of it. This is sometimes worse than actually getting rid of the pet. A common animal for people to do this with is hamsters and smaller animal. They like the look of them, but once they realise they aren’t what they first thought, all they want to do is get rid of them. You might not realise this, but it is actually really stressful for this to happen to an animal. They already aren’t meant to be domesticated, so the initial move itself can be rather stressful for them. Once they’ve got settled somewhere, they like to call it come, just like you would. So before you actually get a pet, do some research into their habits, their likes and dislikes, and if they’re actually going to be suitable for you. For pets, a lot of animals can be a little boring. But if you have that deep love for them you’ll have a bond like no other. The more popular pets do seem to be cats and dogs, but hamsters and gerbils etc. are equally as popular. You also need to have a look at what they need in order to be looked after properly. Some of them require a lot more work than you’d think. For example, horses. Whilst they may be really good, and seem really cool, they need daily attention to make sure they’re looked after properly. This isn’t something people can always commit to.


Just like your own health, or your families health, your pets health should be your number on priority. Unlike humans, they can’t tell you what’s wrong with them. Something minor can sometimes escalate to something serious in a matter of hours. But a lot of illnesses that pets can get can easily be prevented if you just stay on top of their health. Take fleas for example. Cats and dogs can easily become covered in them. They might be harmless to both, but they’ll spread all over your house and be incredibly distressing for everyone involved. Flea bites to a human can be pretty painful as well, so if you have children around this is the last thing you want. A flea ridden animal is usually a sign of neglect. To stop it from happening to yours, you need to make sure you’re treating them with flea treatment every 4 to 6 months. Pet-Lock cat flea medicine is the perfect solution to all your worries if you have a cat. But there are plenty of other treatments out there for dogs etc.. Most of them just require you to squirt the liquid into the scruff of the dogs neck, and don’t touch or mess with it until it has dried up. Fleas will be so distressing for your pet in terms of itchiness, don’t put them through it! There are other things that can really affect your pet's health as well. Let’s take the most popular pet as an example, a dog. Weight can become a big issue if you let it.. It is common for dogs to become obese from overfeeding. You might feel like you’re being the best owner in the world, but the stress this is putting on their body is so harmful. Eventually it’ll start affecting the internal organs, and can even lead to things as bad as death if you let it go too badly out of control. It affects their energy levels and their ability to walk, which in turns makes them put even more weight on, just like it would with a human. The effect it has on their joints is also terrible. Dogs joints weaken overtime, so if your dog is old please make sure it is of a healthy weight to make sure they’re always as comfortable as possible. As much as they love food, they don’t love being overweight.

Love And Attention

Pets can become pretty neglected. More neglected than you realise. This can actually lead to pet depression experts say. How sad does that sound?! You need to make sure you’re having certain pets when you actually have the time to stay around and make sure they have some company. Cats aren’t so bad, nor are hamsters etc. Whilst they like human company, they don’t need it. A lot of people who have dogs spend 8 hours a day out of the house, leaving them to become lonely, just as it would you. They require so much more attention than this. Whilst dogs might spend a lot of the time sleeping, just having them know you’re there is going to make all the difference. Encouraging play with toys is also great for their stimulation. Originally dogs were not meant to be kept in the house, so you need to try and release their inner wild dog sometimes to keep them entertained. Giving them treats and rewards (occasionally) is also going to help build that unbreakable bond a dog and a human inevitably has.

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