Strive To Be House-Proud This Season

by - January 18, 2018

Whilst you may not be a particularly house-proud person, there’s no harm in striving towards a house that really feels like your home. You should be proud when it comes to the appearance of your home; this is a place in which you want to feel relaxed and cozy. It should be a reflection of everything that makes you and your family happy. It’s more than bricks and possessions - it’s a place of memories and sentimental value. The design is only part of the equation. You should feel safe, warm, comfortable, and happy in this space. Here are some pointers that should help you to strive towards being house-proud this season.

A cleaner home.
First of all, you should aim to create a cleaner household. This is the most obvious way to create an environment in which you can be house-proud. Start by decluttering and cleaning up the house in a basic sense. You’d be surprised by the impact a good tidy-up can have on your home’s aesthetic. Interior design is all about minimalism and spaciousness; this is best achieved by simply getting rid of the junk and possessions that clutter the house. A cleaner home creates a larger and more inviting space for the family. This becomes important as your children grow and the house starts to feel as if it’s shrinking.

A safer home.
Of course, as mentioned in the introduction, cleanliness is only part of what makes a home a place of which you should be proud. A home isn’t really a home if you don’t feel safe and comfortable in it. When you live with your own family, this becomes more important than ever. You want your children to feel secure in their own house because that’s an important aspect of a home really feeling like a home. You might want to look into a home security system to not only provide surveillance of anything that happens to your property but also deter potential intruders. You could also put sharp shrubbery beneath the ground-floor windows to achieve the effect of preventing intrusion (and this could be a vibrant aesthetic addition to the exterior). The point is that you can’t be proud of your home until it feels like a safe environment in which your children can grow happily and comfortably.

A warmer home.
With these winter months upon us, it’s hard to feel cozy and homely in your household. Turning on the heaters 24/7 isn’t practical on a financial level or in terms of protecting the environment. There are cheaper ways to create a warmer home. And if you want to be house-proud then your goal, as we’ve stated throughout this article, should be to create that warm and cozy “vibe”. Turning on the heating isn’t enough. Double-glazed windows are an effective way of trapping heat and making your home feel warmer without having to generate ridiculous amounts of energy. Insulating your home with warmer furnishings can help too. Getting some rugs and throws for the couches can create some substantial padding.

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R.C. Willey

R.C. Willey

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