Spending More Time Outside With Your Pet

by - January 16, 2018

We all need to spend a little more time with our pets. Mainly for our own good, as it’s extremely relaxing and therapeutic to stroke your hand through some fur from time to time. But it’s also good for their health as well, as when cat’s purr it promotes deep healing, and dog’s have a permanent happy go lucky mood about them. So, considering the large amount of benefits there are to spending time with a pet, why not try going outside with your furry friend?

We hear you exclaim at the prospect; we’re still in winter and our bones just can’t stand up to the temperatures! Yet, the deep of winter is practically over at this point, and that means the sun is lasting longer, the air is getting a little less cold, and your animal is getting more and more restless as the days go on. And once again, unsurprisingly, there are some good benefits to spending time outside in these weather conditions.

Don’t know what to do because it still gets dark at 4 in the afternoon and you have no scarfs to wrap around your neck? Here’s some ideas for spending what time you can outside with your furry companion, as it’s good for everyone’s health.

Expand on Back Yard Time

There’s a good outdoor area literally right outside of your door, and if it’s in a bit of state of disarray right now, take about five minutes to clean it up. Trash, anything and everything that’s cluttering your yard, after all the spring is a good time to make sure the plant beds are in good shape for the new flowers you’ve been meaning to plant since last summer, and then let your dog out.

Even if your arm gets tired of throwing a ball, you can invest in a launcher to help this along, and to also make the ball go further each time. There’s a lot of fun to be had by your pooch when it comes to playing fetch, so let them indulge in their hunter instincts just a bit more.

You can do the same for your cat, if your backyard is an enclosed space that they can freely run around in without any safety issues. Whilst cats like cozying up in the sun when indoors and sit on top of the fridge half the time, they also need a healthy amount of exercise to keep them in the prime of health as well. Most cats are indoor creatures, and thus it’s not the best idea to allow them to go out adventuring on their own, so use the backyard here too. If they do tend to get up to these kinds of activities however, make sure they’re vaccinated and chipped, and have a collar on.

Go On Morning Runs Together

This is great for your fitness regime and making sure you don’t need to walk your dog again in the evening when you’re too tired! If you go for a run in the morning, and by that we mean get up about a half hour early to make it more beneficial to you, prepare your pooch and go for a more gentle jog.

It’s a good way to get settled into your new routine and it also means you won’t push yourself too hard at first. When you have your pet’s health to consider at the same time, you’re not going to try that extra kilometer you know deep down you can’t do. Don’t let your pet overheat, take some water with you, and put all 6 of your legs to good use.

Go On Holiday Together!

Considering it’s only spring, it might already be raining cats and dogs outside, so take a break from the weather on this side of the world and take a vacation with your pet. Dogs and cats should be able to explore the world as well! Think of all the sights and sounds they could discover, and how cute the photos are going to look.

So you might think of this as an immediate bad idea because of the behaviour of your pet, but you can always get retractable leashes and pet friendly Air BnB's to stay in. Even with a cat, you can get a harness to take it adventuring in, which is a lot better than sticking it in a pet carry case the entire time. We all like to stretch our legs with a little wanderlust, so let your pet!

Remember to Take Care of the Pests!

The outside has a lot of them, and no, we’re not describing your pet when it does something you’ve told it a thousand times not to do before, like pee on the carpet or track in mud from the great outdoors! This is to deal with literal pests, as the spring time means they’re a lot more likely to pop onto your four legged friend than any other time before it.

So if your pooch or kitty has fleas, it’s time to target them at the source with a treatment that’s truly non invasive (as in there’s no smell and your pet doesn’t look betrayed for the next 6 hours), and works regularly to keep your pet’s coat pest clean. Doesn’t sound like an option that’s on the market yet? Try out something like Advecta, which is easy to apply and relatively inexpensive when it comes to pet care.

Your pets may also have allergies that these kinds of pests don’t help, so make sure to give them a good clean through whenever you do go outside. It’s more muddy this time of the year, so hose or wipe them down depending on their size.

Outside time with your pets is always a great move to make for both you and them, as it’s freeing and fun! If you need a quick break away from the daily grind, make some time in your schedule to try out something like this.

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