Review: Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Walker - Ford F-150

by - January 15, 2018

Today I am going to be reviewing the NEW! Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Baby Activity Walker Ford F-150 in Red. Milo loved this activity walker and I can't say that I didn't also find it charming. Little boy toys are so much fun and this walker is at the top of mine and Milo's list for favorite toys so far. It lights up, plays rock n' roll style music, revs the engine, shifts, and honks. What more can a little boy ask for than a pick up truck just like daddy's.

Price - We bought ours for around $80.00 on sale. I have seen them since on Amazon for around $120.00. These multi step walkers can be a little pricey, but well worth it in my opinion. Having the ability to grow with your baby is amazing and aids in sensory and mobility development.

Quality - I have never had an issue with any of the Bright Starts products. I love everything we have from them. The Bright Starts 3 Ways to Play Baby Activity Walker Ford F-150 is super durable and very sturdy. I was really impressed. I have seen some walkers that were a bit on the flimsy side and as a new first time mom that made me a smidgen uncomfortable. With rubber wheels and snap / lock in connections this toy grips the floor and all the pieces and parts have stayed in place perfectly. So I was very pleased when I put this together and it held up to my high quality standards.

Convenience - The fact that this toy is incredibly adjustable was a huge selling point for me. Milo had so many toys that he mentally outgrew super quick. I didn't want to waste any more time and money on toys he would only play with for a week and then be done. The white criss crosses you can see in the photo above are what you can adjust to raise or lower the seat. Remember to make sure baby's feet can touch the floor. This has a safety lock and a twist style adjustment system. This makes for a very secure adjustment process. The activity station comes apart easily for cleaning which I loved. Milo loves to snack, getting crumbs and sticky messes everywhere. Keeping his toys clean is a huge priority of mine and this feature made that super simple.

Design - I love the design of this toy pick up truck! Milo loves all things trucks and cars so it was also a winner with him. Pretty much anything with wheels he loves. The truck has an activity station aka dashboard with a foux steering wheel, light up horn that beeps, radio that plays rock n' roll style music, and a shifter that revs the engine! Very interactive and has held Milo's attention to this day. One thing I wish was a bit different are the wheels once the toy becomes a standing push walker. I was always having to adjust and turn the walker around for Milo once he was walking with it. The wheels do not turn at all once adjusted to the 3rd step. So Milo would push it straight until he hit a wall and I then would have to turn him around. I think he would be playing with this even more today if the wheels would turn as a push walker.

Accessibility - Bright Starts are a fairly common brand and can be found at almost all retailers that carry baby products. Walmart, Target, Amazon, Kmart, Buy Buy Baby etc. With bigger items like this I'd rather make it easy on myself and order online through Amazon. That way it is delivered right to my door, with no fuss.

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