Maybe It's Not Just Exhaustion

by - January 30, 2018

Mom life is busy, isn’t it? Flitting from playdates, home chores, meal prep, to friends and a partner is all just one big rush. Somewhere in all that being busy, you have to find some time to be yourself, be alone and take some time for self-care. The problem is that when you are THAT busy, time just runs away with you and you end up living in a state of constant tiredness. Trying to fit everything in and have it all is just impossible sometimes. Feeling tired is an inevitable outcome of a busy life, but exhaustion is a whole other ball game.

Falling asleep at the playground, in the school drop off lane, or even on the commute home (subway, not car...hopefully) and even during meals is not a normal symptom of being a busy mom. Fatigue is so much more than just feeling worn out from the daily grind; it’s all consuming. There’s a chance that you’ve been brushing off how tired you are feeling, putting it down to new responsibilities you’ve taken on. Putting it down to not getting enough hours of sleep every night. Putting it down to worrying about your family and friends in between nap times and sorting the house out. There are so many reasons you could put off a visit to and it’s because of this that you may not realize that your fatigue could be a symptom of something more than just day to day life. The biggest way to tell whether what you are feeling is chronic exhaustion or just tiredness is to sleep. If you manage a whole night of sleep for a week and feel immensely better than you know what you are feeling is purely down to lifestyle. If you do this and still feel just as tired, big red alarm bells should be ringing in your mind. Say it with me: it’s not normal.
Feeling seasonally tired can be due to allergies or even SAD, which can affect your brain when it’s dark in the morning and again in the evening. Usually tiredness due to allergies is accompanied by itchy, watery eyes and sneezing. You can rule this out if you aren’t feeling any of those things. Another reason for chronic exhaustion is illness. When you are stressed, your body becomes run down and worn out. This feeling can really be debilitating, as your body is trying to fight off the illness and repair itself. Getting enough rest after an illness is key, as your body will need rest to recover properly.

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There are so many different reasons you could be feeling exhausted, but do you really want to wait until you pass out at in front of your children to go and find out? You need to be listening to your body. It’s ideal that your tiredness is lifestyle related, as this means you’re basically busy having fun and working hard to slow down. But slow down you must. You have to be kind to your body if you want it to function in the way that it should. Self-care: it’s scientifically necessary!

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