Increase Your Family Bathroom’s Appeal To Make Relaxing Easier

by - January 24, 2018

Motherhood is one of the most rewarding and most stressful things that you will ever do. That’s a fact and one that almost any mother would agree with. When you are spending the majority of your time focusing on your child, it is easy to get worn down and end up totally and completely exhausted. That’s why taking time out for yourself, to relax and unwind, is so important.

The place that most people associate with relaxation is the bathroom; what’s more relaxing than a tranquil bubble bath or a refreshing shower? While this is normally the case, in family bathrooms it can sometimes be almost impossible to relax. The fact is that most family bathrooms end up looking like an extension of your child’s bedroom or playroom. There are often baby/child items everywhere, which take away from the relaxing vibe of the space.

If your bathroom has fallen to your family and is no longer a relaxing and tranquil retreat from the world, you need to change that. Believe it or not, it is possible for a bathroom to be both family-friendly and a relaxing retreat, it’s just a case of knowing how to combine these two things.

Call in the experts

Stuck for ideas of how to go about transforming your bathroom into a space that both you and your children can safely use and enjoy? Don’t panic; it’s not always easy knowing where to start. That’s why working with a specialist renovation company like, for instance, could be something that is worth considering. If doing so will allow you to create a space that meets your needs and the needs of your family, then it is something that is worthwhile investing in.

Get inspired

You may already have inspiration for your bathroom - maybe you recently attended a spa and fell in love with the serenity and calm that their bathrooms created - or you may require a little help. The best place to find inspiration for home design is online - there are so many incredible resources to choose from, of course, one of the best ones on Pinterest. Any ideas that you like the look of ‘pin’ to a Pinterest ideas board so that you can refer back to them later on. Take inspiration from what you see on here and consider how you could create a similar look in your own bathroom.

Be smart

In order for your bathroom to offer you and your family the best of both worlds - a practical family bathroom and a tranquil and relaxing space, you need to be smart about its design. Adequate storage space is crucial, as this is how you will keep your children’s bath toys from impacting the entire space. Stick to neutral or natural colours, as these tend to be the most tranquil and relaxing. Pick a white suite that is stylish and a good fit for your bathroom, as well as that, is practical - if you are bathing multiple kids each night, the larger the bath, the better. Be mindful of what your family needs, and create a space that is a perfect fit for those needs.

There you have it, a guide to creating your bathroom’s appeal to transform it into a more relaxing and tranquil space while still being family-friendly.

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