How To Have A Pet Safe Family Home

by - January 26, 2018

Making a pet a part of your family is a beautiful decision for so many reasons. Many of us have very happy childhood memories of growing up with cherished cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and goldfish and we want to give those same experiences to our children. Getting a dog, especially, can transform a house into a home, add some great times to the family and teach our kids about responsibility and caring. But no one is denying that pet ownership can also be hard work, especially getting a puppy – sometimes with sleepless nights and accidents, it isn’t far from having a new-born baby! So if you have spent time care and money on making your home a beautiful, welcoming space, what can you do to make sure your carefully planned decor doesn’t get completely ruined in the process? There are a few tricks you can apply to make your home pet-friendly while still working for your family.

Add in Barriers

If you have a dog and a crawling baby or a toddler just learning to walk, you don’t want to invite accidents by allowing the two to mix unsupervised. So it’s a good idea to have ways of dividing your space up easily so that you can keep kids and dogs separate or allow them to play together in small doses when you are present. Many families choose to use baby gates to pen off animals – this does double duty with children too – or by building in a playpen area where children can have a safe space to play away from a curious and excitable pup. You may also want to consider penning off a puppy area in the family room if you have space.

Keep On Top Of Pet Care

Although you may have a million things to do, as a responsible parent and pet owner, you need to keep on top of your dog’s medications and health checks just as much as you do your children’s – for both their sakes. Make sure that you are regularly grooming your dog, and checking their paws, eyes, ears, and teeth for any early signs of discoloration or potential health issues. Intercepting issues like roundworm, fleas, and damage to paws can prevent expensive vet’s bills further down the line too, so place an order at Pet Bucket and stock up on treatments to keep problems at bay.

Create a Retreat

Giving your pet some separate space of their own is a great idea. In a busy household with young, noisy children, puppies can get over-excited and overwhelmed sometimes, so some space for them to escape to, or for you to put them in if necessary, is useful. If you don’t like the look and feel of a big ugly dog crate dominating your space, then consider constructing a purposeful space. This could be the space under the stairs if it’s available. Fix it out with a cozy bed and a few of their favorite toys.

Food and Water Supplies

With curious toddlers, having a dog’s food and water in open dishes on the floor could spell trouble - and a lot of mess. You don’t want your kids eating the dog food, or spilling open bags that can create a messy hazard and attract bugs and insects. The answer could be a raised feeder with a timer on that dispenses food at certain times of day – or consider fitting out the bottom drawer in the kitchen with a sheet of plywood drilled through with holes the size of food and water dishes. Then the drawer can be closed and secured with a childproof lock when not in use.

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