How I Travel For Cheap | My Step by Step Guide

by - January 26, 2018

I am asked all the time how I've afforded to travel as much as I have. I have seen almost every state in the US and now that I have my son I want to push my limits and explore all the world's cultures with him. I want to see more, be more, and experience more, all with him! Traveling is something that is so special to me and a huge passion of mine. I was always a solo traveler before which was never ideal for me or  my budget. However, I am a goddess at finding deals and discounts. Round trip flights to San Francisco for $80 bucks, I'll take it! I packed my entire life in luggage and relocated from Ohio to Las Vegas, NV by plane with 5 checked suitcases for $92.00. I have stayed in hotels for less than I spent on my last takeaway. Finding deals on travel is like a hobby of mine. It's such a rush! I love getting anything quality at a discount. It's my personal way of "stickin' it to the man", if you will. Travel may be priceless, but it doesn't have to be pricey.

Step 1
Be open to when and/or where you go. 
Being open to destinations and/or dates will leave you available for the best deals. If you work a 9 to 5 job then check with your boss on what month would be best to request off or use PTO. Then check sites like Skyscanner for the best deals and destinations during that month. This is my favorite travel site to use and my go to before any trip. Check out my How To Get The Best Deals On Skyscanner post for a step by step Skyscanner travel guide.

Step 2
Pack mix and match outfits
Try packing everything you need into a carry on. Those mini suitcases have more room than you might expect. Packing universal clothing items will save big on baggage fees. Especially if you are flying a budget airline. Budget airlines such as Frontier or Spirit have cheap flight tickets but gouge you on baggage fees and extras. Also, try rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This will save you tons of space for additional items or extra clothes. Another packing tip is to try matching every outfit with the same pair of shoes. One of my ultimate space saving tricks. Avoiding the checking of bags will not only save you money, but also time. No waiting around for bags means you are getting a headstart on your adventure. Time is money after all, right?

Step 3
Reward Programs 
If you are a frequent traveler for work or pleasure it might be beneficial for you to sign up for a hotel group rewards program. Many hospitality companies have various ranges of hotels from luxury to extended stays all under one umbrella. This means you can stay at any of their hotels and earn points, discounts, and even free stays. Here are the top ten best hotel reward plans based on the Forbes List: by contributor Grant Martin:

1. Starwood Preferred Guest
2. Wyndham Rewards
3. World of Hyatt
4. Hilton Honors
5. Le Club AccorHotels
6. Marriott Rewards
7. IHG Rewards
8. Best Western Rewards
9. Choice Privileges
10. Club Carlson

Step 4
All Inclusive | Groupon 
Groupon is a incredible resource for traveling on a budget. The only possible downside is that the dates are relatively soon. Though that has never bothered me one bit. Livin' life on the edge! Going wherever and whenever the wind takes me. The way Groupon can get such incredible discounts is because resorts are eager to sell their empty rooms. Resorts, especially all inclusive destinations need to maintain high occupancy ratings so when they see bookings aren't as high as they were projected to be in the upcoming weeks or months they will heavily discount packages and place these vacation bundles on sites such as the famous Groupon. I have seen vacation bundles for as little as $350 and hotel rooms for under $30 a night. If you are trying to ball on a budget during your holiday you have to check out Groupon's Getaways.

Step 5
Air BnB's & Group Travel
Air BnB's are a traveler's dream! What an incredible idea this has been. One of the most known ways to travel for cheap is to go as a group. Make it a family trip or gather some friends together and hit the open road. Traveling as a group is not only more fun, but will cut down on boarding costs. Staying in an Air BnB vs. a hotel will cut these costs down even more. I have found entire houses in Lake Tahoe for $100 a night and villas on some of the world's most exotic sandy beaches for even less than that! I highly suggest looking into the air bnb website and seeing what is in your budget. Maybe make it a game and draw a destination out of a hat.

So there you have it! These are just 5 of my tips for traveling for cheap. If you have used any of these travel services before or want me to write a part 2 to this post let me know in the comments below. I hope this helps you to get out and start seeing the world regardless of the budget you have to holiday with. Have happy and safe travels!

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