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by - January 31, 2018

I recently made the plunge to get new glasses. Having a toddler y'all is no joke. Milo will literally yank my glasses straight from my face, like a little jam hand ninja! I have been putting off getting new specks for a while because I thought they would be too expensive, but once I was left with only one pair I knew the time had come. I need my glasses to drive and if my tenacious little destructor broke my last remaining pair I would be at a major loss and hindrance. So before worse came to worse I thought I would make the investment into getting some new glasses. I have been lucky enough to partner with Coastal and the large range of designer eye wear they offer at direct prices! I was amazed at the top brands and styles I found starting at only $35! I took advantage of a BOGO promotion and received two pairs of glasses with full prescription lenses for the price of one!

One of the best parts of my experience ordering with Coastal is that once I made a profile I could save and update my prescription and information for easy access. Even reorder my favorite pair of glasses if something were to happen by going into the Order History, and by inviting my friends and family I can earn store credits on future glasses, sunglasses, or contacts. Everything is saved in my profile which makes ordering a breeze.
The glasses I chose were the Michelle Lane 812 Noir and the Michelle Lane 812 Au Naturel. Both colors were so pretty, fit amazing, with a charming little detail on the side arms. The Noir have a beautiful magenta tortoise shell style on the inside. I only ever wear plastic solid frames. The rubber nose bits on the metal frames have a tendency to give me a migraine. This has normally limited my frame choices greatly at the eye doctor, but not at Coastal. I found way too many frames I loved and plan on going back to order more. I absolutely love the Noir frames and ended up keeping them. You will surely be seeing these on my Instagram Story. I returned the Au Naturel frames because even though I love nothing more than a good nude, the matte color kind of washed out my skin tone. I am quite fair so someone with a bit more color would look great in these... in my entirely unprofessional opinion.

To my surprise the return process was 100% painless! That never happens with the online ordering of anything, but the phone call was quickly answered, the attendant was professional and she made my exchange and shipped the new pair of glasses for me right away. I barely had to do a thing! All I did have to do was print the prepaid return shipping label she emailed me and place the unwanted pair back into the original packaging. I exchanged the Au Naturel for SeventyOne Heritage Purple frames with full prescription lenses. I am obsessed with these new chic purple frames! They are modern and a little whimsical. The purple is deep so it's not super bright on the face. I have never had two pairs of glasses I love more then the Michelle Lane 812 Noir and the SeventyOne Heritage Purple. I am looking forward to breaking out of my shell and being more adventurous with my style. Starting with my eye wear. Coastal's affordable prices make switching up my style simply a blast! If you are also a blind shopaholic much like myself, Coastal is currently running a birthday celebration sale with code BIRTHDAY10. You can also get designer frames for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! Use code "CHEERS"! 

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