Eating Healthily When You've Never Done It Before

by - January 12, 2018

Some people find healthy eating to be almost like second nature. It’s the unhealthy habits that feel unnatural to them. But if you’ve never really taken care of your diet before, it can feel like an almost alien concept. But it’s not too hard to start making the change. Here are a few general rules that are going to make it all the easier for you.
Know your “no”s
It’s time to start ruling out some of your worst eating habits. You have to start cutting yourself off from things like processed foods, saturated fats, and sugar where possible. That’s not to say that you can’t treat yourself every now and then. If you love lasagna, give yourself one day of the week to have a really carboriffic dinner. But in general, start eating less of what you should eat less of.
Make goals for your eating
Becoming healthier is too broad a goal for most of us to focus on, as respectable a goal as it is. Instead, start breaking it up into smaller goals. For instance, if you’ve recently had a baby, then losing that pregnancy weight is a great goal. It allows you to set specific needs from your diet such as calorie count. Whereas if your goal is to tone up and tighten those abs, then you want to focus on nutritional content like protein and fatty acids in your foods. As you reach one goal, keep the old habits, but tweak them to help you meet new goals, too.
Learn to cook
It cannot be emphasized enough. If you want to eat more healthily, then you have to learn to rely less on processed foods. It’s cheaper to buy whole food ingredients in bulk and plan your meals in advance than to buy processed meal after processed meal. There are plenty of quick dinner ideas to make cooking more accessible even to those with a busy work, school, or family life, too. The sooner you learn to cook, the sooner your body will start to benefit from ingredients that have no added bits and no loss of nutritional value.
Curb your impulses
Setting ground rules for yourself is all well and good, but you have to expect the fact that you might very well break them. Anticipate your impulses and beat them in advance. For instance, let’s say Thursdays are your absolute busiest days. Instead of cooking when the day is done, you’re much more likely to phone for a takeout, instead. Curb that impulse by preparing your Thursday meal on Wednesday instead. If you find yourself raiding the fridge often, then start eating foods that are low in calories but high in volume, instead, such as celery, cucumber, and even popcorn.
Accountability for yourself is another big part of healthy eating. Start taking notes of everything you eat, as well as the results, whether it’s weight change or muscle mass improvements. You will start catching yourself out on bad habits much more often, not to mention you will feel the positive side of healthy eating by actually paying attention to the good it does.

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