Become a Detox Diva and Sparkle by Spring

by - January 19, 2018

A seasonal detox is something a lot of people consider at this time of year. Whether its wanting to allow our bodies to recover from festive excess, a desire to have more energy to deal with the colder, darker weather, wanting to give a boost to a new exercise regime or hoping to trim a few pounds, the appeal of freshening up our bodies is undeniable at this time of the year. But with some many products, supplements and methods out there, which are the ones that can really make a difference to our overall health? Here are some methods that will help you get the most out of your cleanse and become a detox diva:

Have a Sugar Free Month

The amount of sugar that we find hidden in processed foods and drinks is truly mind-blowing. All that excess white stuff can have a massive impact on our waistlines, our moods, our overall health and our energy. By causing spikes in insulin and resulting crashes, too much sugar can leave us feeling lethargic, full of brain fog, unmotivated and irritable. So although cutting sugar out is hard, to begin with, the health benefits can be significant – and you’ll definitely feel a difference quickly. So cutting out sugar is well worth the effort – its key to avoid processed foods, as well as natural sources like honey and also artificial sweeteners.

Keep Hydrated with Tea and Water

The entire process of the body depends on hydration, and if you aren’t taking on enough fluids, you can’t effectively flush out toxins, cleanse the liver and get the most out of your body. So the best detox starts simply with upping your water intake to at least three and a half litres a day. Combine your water with a slice of fresh lemon, which supports liver function and promotes digestion, helping the body to rid itself of waste products. Also, add tea to your daily routine. Even regular black tea contains antioxidants, hydrates and fills your stomach up, but you can also try a specific detox tea, prepared with a blend of herbs and ingredients to support the natural detoxification process of your body. Red clover, hibiscus and orange peel are some of the ingredients that help to refresh and boost electrolytes.

Go Organic

Even the fruit and vegetables that we eat can be packed full of artificial nasties in the form of pesticides and other chemicals that the crops have been sprayed with. So going organic is the best way to avoid all this. Organic doesn’t have to be expensive if you try to eat produce that is in season. Focus on eating as many different colours of fruits and vegetables as you can. Each has different health benefits that will support your detox. For example, dark leafy greens are packed full of important micronutrients and are very low in calories. Red, purple and blue fruit and veg contains anthocyanins, powerful antioxidants that maintain heart and memory function. And orange produce such as peppers, apricots, sweet potatoes and pumpkin are rich in Vitamin C, potassium, folic acid and bromelain that help indigestion and can reduce swelling and infection.

Flush Out Your System

As well as supporting your body with the right fuel and hydration, you can also support a detox by flushing your body out in several different ways. The benefits of a regular sauna can be immense and help the body to cleanse itself and flushing out fat – plus they’re deeply relaxing experiences that can be highly beneficial for your mental health. So make sure you have access to somewhere with sauna facilities, such as a gym or a day spa. Many people also find using a neti pot helpful when they’re detoxing. The devices use steam to clean out your nasal passages, which can harbour lots of pollutants and environmental nasties, plus allergens found in the atmosphere. The practice can help you breathe easier and sleep better at night, as well as clearing out allergens and easing runny noses and sore eyes. You should also make sure that you add regular exfoliation to your regime. Skin brushing and oil massages can boost your circulation as well as exfoliating toxins out of your skin – plus, it will leave you with the softest, most glowing look ever. Coffee body scrubs enriched with Himalayan salts and coconut oils are great options, and they hydrated at the same time – as well as making your shower smell amazing – but beware, they are a messy option and should never be used in the bath!

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