Alberta: You'll Love Family Fun in Calgary

by - January 31, 2018

Canada offers up a number of fun and family-friendly cities for people to explore. While some people might choose Toronto or perhaps Vancouver first, Calgary is an incredible city that has a lot to offer to families. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, you're sure to find plenty to do both in the city and within a few hours' of it too. There are the usual things to explore, such as museums, theater and lots of events throughout the year. This diverse city could soon become your favorite place in Canada. But how should you get started if you want to plan a family trip?

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Vacation Package or DIY?

It's helpful to start by thinking about how to arrange your vacation. Your two primary options are to choose a package or to organize everything yourself. A vacation package can be super handy because it helps you take care of everything. You can book your accommodation, travel and even activities all at the same time. Some packages will even include food and drink, so you don't have to go searching for restaurants every day. However, arranging everything yourself gives you much more freedom. You can tailor your vacation perfectly for your family. It will be a bit more time-consuming, though, although it might save you money.

Finding Family-friendly Services

If you're traveling with kids, you always need to consider whether you can find family-friendly amenities. Some places just aren't set up for having kids around, whether it's hotels or restaurants. Starting with accommodation, you might want somewhere you can all stay together and perhaps do some light cooking. At Courtyard Calgary South, you can choose Executive Suite, which comes with a living room and a kitchenette. It's much better to share the same space, especially when your kids aren't old enough to have a hotel room to themselves. When it comes to restaurants, Calgary has plenty of family-friendly options. Starbelly, in the southeast of the city, is a popular farm-to-table choice.

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The Best Things in Calgary for Families

You'll find plenty to do in Calgary if you're planning a family visit. Animal lovers should get down to Calgary Zoo to see some fascinating creatures - as well as some dinosaurs. The TELUS Spark Science Centre is a fun place to go if you want somewhere the kids can be hands on, and where you can secretly teach them a few things too. Head downtown to climb to the top of Calgary Tower, then try the tropical Devonian Gardens, which you can find in the shopping mall The CORE.

Fun Day Trips from Calgary

If you feel like getting out of the city for a while, there are some great day trips you can try from Calgary too. You won't regret a visit to Banff National Park or perhaps to Icefields Parkway, both of which offer up some magnificent views. You can choose to get there yourself or you could book onto a tour, which makes it a bit easier.

Calgary is a fantastic place for family fun, so add it to your travel bucket list. It's great for a weekend or for a longer vacation.

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