3 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

by - January 12, 2018

Keeping your house warm this winter will allow you to spend more quality time indoors (image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-beverage-breakfast-celebration-302810/)

If you are like the average individual, chances are you are likely to prefer spending time outdoors during the Summer days than spending time staring at your dumb-content producing television in the Winter, and yet we all know that relaxing at home from time to time is a pleasure. If your home is terribly cold during the chilly months you could be at risk, as enough studies have concluded that having a cold house is highly associated with illnesses and disease.

If your pad is too cold to bear this Winter, there are a number of measures you could put in place to make this warmer and cosier. All you need to do is follow the below tips, and you will finally get to enjoy Winter from the comfort of your home.

Put a smart thermostat system in place

Thermostats are smart tools, in that they are able to predict when your home temperature is dropping below a certain level and send messages to the heater for this to turn on when most needed. Technology is getting smarter every day, and with the need for us to keep our homes warm in the Winter time, this is only good news. Most homes have just one thermostat to rely on, and this means the temperature will be the same in all areas. While this might be useful if your home is small and there isn’t much need to have varied temperatures across different rooms, if your house is big chances are you might want to have different warmth levels in separate spaces. ZoningSupply.com will help you install a smart thermostat that will enable you to set different temperatures in each home space.

Invest in warmer fabrics

We all love dressing up in the Winter. This is how we protect ourselves from the cold. Similarly, a house with warm fabrics will ensure spaces are better protected from the cold during the Winter months. If you would like your home to be a warmer place when it’s freezing outside, you need to put some effort into it and invest in some suitable fabrics so that these can protect you from the chilly weather conditions. Materials like cotton and wool are great at keeping us warm, and in the case of wool, this is because wool fibres are able to absorb large quantities of vapour that can be found in houses during Winter. Visit White Lotus Home and get yourself right quality fabrics in order to add warmth to your house.

Consider double-glazing options for your windows

According to research that has been carried out in this area, around 35 percent of heat loss in a home happens through the walls, 25 percent through the roof, and 40 percent through doors, windows and the floor. This is a significant amount of heat loss that happens due to us not having put enough measures to improve the above. A good way of reducing heat loss through windows is by using double-glazing. The way this works is that the gap between the two panes of glass is filled with air. As air is not a very good conductor of heat, this results in heat loss through double-glazed windows being considerably less significant than with regular windows. Contact these double-glazing experts to see your home become a warmer haven this Winter.

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