3 Things All Sports Moms Know To Be True

by - January 16, 2018

Many parents dream of seeing their children willingly exercise. If your child has enthusiastically engaged in a sport, joining a team, or is working with a coach at a solo sport, then you’ve got the “exercise” requirement of your child’s life in the bag.

However, there is one unexpected side effect to your child’s healthy interest in sport. Over time, your life will change; no longer are you a Regular Mom; you’ve become a Sports Mom.

Sports moms have a unique parenting experience; the need to support their child coupled with the extra demands fervent sports participation places on the family schedule. In your time as a sports mom, you will learn three very specific things…

#1 - Practice never ends

If your child has sport practice twice a week, you’d be forgiven for thinking that would mean they practice twice a week.

However, as all sports moms know, practice never stops. When your child truly loves a sport, they work on improving their abilities constantly. They’ll throw balls against walls to practice their tennis shots or ask you to be the goalkeeper for yet another round of penalty kick practices-- there’s no stopping their determination to improve. This is, obviously, wonderful, but sports moms will also know they have to be the gatekeeper who ensures their child does engage in other activities every once in awhile!

#2 - Laundry becomes way more complicated

As a sports mom, you will soon discover that the demands on your washing machine are more excessive than ever before. Most parents tend to group together to ensure that a team has a great uniform to wear to matches; whatever the sport, that team unity can’t be denied. Whether it’s youth softball uniforms or the matching tracksuits for an athletics team, the simple fact is that sports moms have a very important garment on their hands-- and they have to figure out how to wash it.

Sports moms know that that garment, the one that their child loves and takes such pride in wearing, is also a complete nightmare to clean. You can’t risk the colors running so it has to be washed gently, you’ll be faced with a variety of mud and grass stains to tackle, and it has to be conditioned to try and keep it soft. The uniform issue is a nightmare; one you do willingly, but a task you’re never sorry to see the back of at the end of the season!

#3 - You’ll learn more about their sport than you ever have before

There are thousands of sports available to kids, which is wonderful, but also complex for sports moms. As a result, moms find themselves having to learn an awful lot about a sport they had never even thought of before-- and they have to learn quickly, too. Sport moms will recognize the feeling of scrolling through rulebooks online in their spare time, just so they can understand all the details our excited kids impart to us about their favorite hobby.

Though it may be tough at times, there’s no doubt the benefits to your child from their sporting participation is evident, so being a Sports Mom definitely has its benefits. So cheer on your child with as much vigour as you can muster, then swap knowing smiles with the other moms on the sidelines as you do.

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