Toddler Holiday Gift Guide Under $20

by - December 01, 2017

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I'm back with another year of holiday gift guides! This year it's all about those little tumbling toddlers now that Milo has officially graduated from being my cuddly precious little baby to a rampaging tot I thought I would share some ideas inspired by the things we currently love. Shopping for a toddler can be stressful. Even more so during the holidays when there are options galore! Toddlers, can be picky about the toys they like and can flip flop from one thing to the next in a matter of minutes. I have done some research and chosen 10 fantastic gift ideas (some even Milo Approved) to get you through your toddler shopping. Check out last years post if you also have a baby on your shopping list: Gift Tips for Shopping Baby

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1.) Intelex Warmies - Cozy Microwaveable Plush - When I saw these I instantly loved them! I got the grey penguin for Milo (my son) and the bunny for his new (soon to arrive) cousin. These are so great in the colder months or when baby has a cold. Scented with french lavender these microwavable, organic seed filled, plush animals are not only super cute but super practical. They stay warm and cosy for hours while releasing a mild calming, soothing, fragrance. They come in a wide variety of different animals sure to please any toddler.

2.) Ride on Car - This was another hit with Milo. He absolutely loves it! (I gave him my gifts early, there was no way gifts would have stayed wrapped under our tree and I'm a sucker for gift giving.) This ride on Lightning Mcqueen car lights up, makes noise, and plays music. I saw a bunch online and in store. Horses, unicorns, pink cars, blue cars, characters like Cars, Sesame Street etc. Milo pushes it around and rides it all over our house. If you follow my instagram @emmma_dawn you are sure to see him cruisin on my story. Ride on toys are classic and always a hit!

3.) Bath Time - Bath time toys are always a great go to gift. I like to switch Milo's toys out since water can get trapped inside and cause bacteria. You can even put together a Bath Time stocking or little DIY gift set. With soap, lotion, toys, and bath time fun activities like baby bath fizz or water crayons. All budget friendly and would make a charming activity gift doable for under $20.00. All products picture linked below are all around $5.00.

4.) "Big Kid Dishes" - As a mom the cute necessities are something I don't tend to splurge on, but that doesn't mean I don't think they are super cute! I found these fun toddler dishware sets on amazon and they are adorable. There are a ton of various options too, so whatever the kiddo is into that you are shopping for I am sure you can find something. The placemat set picture linked in the center is also a great gift for families who travel or dine out often. Those silicone meal mats are easy to wipe clean and fold up for on the go dining.

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5.) Learning & Development - Whenever I gift toys for children I always tend to steer more towards something educational. There are a ton of options these days for toys that make development fun. Especially, in the under two age range! Here are some great options for advancing color and shape cognition, hand eye coordination, logic, counting, and memory.

8.) Clothing Essentials - Clothing essentials are something you can never have too much of. Those are always the first pieces to get lost, left behind, or misplaced. Personally they tend to be the last thing I think of when I'm scrolling through the Carter's website. Socks and plain bodysuits used for layering in various sizes make a great gift! Tip: Always size up when gifting. Better to be too big then too small when it comes to kiddos. You can even spice up your gift by adding a gift card. This is a great and simple gift idea. Perfect for parents who will be traveling for the holidays with limited storage when it comes to returning home.

9.) Baby Spa Kit - This would be super easy and fun to DIY. If you know the products the parents use on their child you place them in a cute stocking or basket. Even easier brands like The Honest Company, Aveeno, Burt's Bees, etc also make prepackaged gift sets. This also makes for a perfect gift if you are shipping packages to out of town family and friends. Since they are already packaged for travel they should arrive safe and sound.

10.) Something Extra - In my opinion I don't think anyone could lose giving a personalized gift. Especially for a baby or toddler. I was never a sentimental "keepsake" type until I became a mom. I love all of Milo's personalized items and there are so many charming options to choose from. Personalized books, backpacks, blankets, toys, chairs, sippy cups the list goes on.

I hope this helped to inspire your toddler holiday shopping. All photos in this post are web links so if you see anything you like just click the pic to get the details! Comment below your favorite toddler gift idea and as always don't forget to subscribe to my newsletter to the right so you never miss a post!

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