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by - December 11, 2017

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Milo never had diaper rash until about 15 months old and then BAM! All overnight appeared the worst diaper rash I've ever seen. I am a first time mom, so with no experience to fall back on I was left to figure out what will and will not work. Once I found the right concoction of baby bum care and natural products it was like the lights shined down from the heavens. "Awwwwwww". I swear Milo and I both exhaled a sigh of relief during his first diaper change back to normal. Through the good ol efforts of trial and error I have assembled a list of what worked great for us in soothing and preventing diaper rash. Here are the tips I have and what I used to soothe Milo's major bum break out. 

Tommy Hilfiger

I am officially coco crazy. I swear it works on EVERYTHING! Squeaky door? Coconut oil. Want whiter healthier teeth? Coconut oil. The worst diaper rash you've ever seen? Coconut oil. I noticed the coconut oil acts as a type of barrier all while soothing Milo's sensitive skin. This has made cleaning up during diaper changes much easier. I like to use unrefined, cold pressed, organic, extra virgin oil. To check out my post on 15 Coconut Oil Uses For Baby just click here.

Diaper Rash Ointment
We have tried a bunch of different diaper rash creams but Boudreaux's Butt Paste has proven to be the best working on Milo's skin. It's paraben and preservative free, contains 16% Zinc Oxide and is highly recommended by pediatricians. 

Diaper Cream Applicator
I love the BabyBum Mini Diaper Cream Brush. It's a silicone applicator that gently glides on diaper rash cream. Keeping you and baby sanitary. The mini version has a carrying case that makes tossing into the diaper bag or purse a breeze. Perfect for on the go changes.

                                    Regular Baths
I toss Milo in the shower with me at the end of every day. Key word being shower. I noticed his diaper rash was worse on the days he was taking baths. I am a single mom so it is much easier and efficient for us to complete our night time routines together. I make sure to use an ultra gentle soothing baby wash. We use and love the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash. This not only helps soothe his diaper rash, but also helps with his eczema prone dry skin.

Natural Wipes
If you have a baby prone to diaper rash I highly recommend using a free & clear wipe. This has worked wonders for Milo. The added fragrances and ingredients can irritate sensitive skin. We have switched from The Honest Company to Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes. Both brands are amazing and have worked great for us. I highly recommend both. You can find out more in my Diapering Must Haves  and Why I Cancelled My Honest Company Diaper Bundle posts.

Acidic Foods
Milo loves the Gerber Organic Baby Food Pouches. We buy pouches in the variety bulk packs because he loves them so much. However, I have to be careful which ones I give him and when. He can only handle so many acidic foods in one day and I noticed when he had too much his diaper rash would flare up. If your baby also has a sensitive bum try monitoring his/her acidic foods intake. Mangos, Tomatoes, Apples, Citrus, etc. This may be my most helpful tip and has worked amazingly for Milo.

Baby Powder
Reducing the amount of moisture locked into Milo's diaper has been another great help in preventing diaper rash and chafing. A talc free baby powder after baths and poopy diaper changes has helped so much. Bee All Natural Organic Baby Powder is a great option for babies with sensitive skin. We prefer to use a cornstarch based, talc free powder.

Naturally Better You Mother & Baby

So there you have it, all my tips for soothing and preventing diaper rash. The products we love and use are linked to my amazon for easy detail access. I hope this post helps aid you through the ups and downs of parenting and works for soothing baby. As always don't forget to share and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading and Happy Mommin'!

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  1. Air is the best treatment for Diaper Rash IMO. Put down a puppy pad and let them play on the floor without a diaper. I also like coconut oil too. If your baby keeps getting rashes and wears cloth diapers its time to do a hot water strip some rashes are caused by detergent residue.

    1. Those are great tips. Milo doesn't do cloth diapers. These are just a few tips. If you want to see a part 2 let me know! You can find my Diapering Must Haves post here

  2. We've only had one bad diaper rash incident between our two kids, but I'll definitely keep coconut oil in mind if we ever need it. And I've heard some great things about that Butt Paste! Thanks for a great resource!

    1. luckily Milo hasn't had it in a while and with the use of these tips it cleared up super quickly. That's so good your children aren't sensitive to it. some of my friends are really struggling with their kids being sensitive to diaper rash

  3. If I'm not mistaken, different brands have their own characteristics and quality. In common practices, diapers of well known brands are made from high quality materials and may cause rash very less..

    1. I totally believe that could be true. After reading the ingredients and researching the process on discount diapers I have never used them on my son. I can't beleive the harsh chemicals they are able to get away with.

  4. Ahhh...diaper rashes...My son had them a few times, minimal but one turned out to be NASTY & HORRIBLE 😣 Love that you are sharing your tips on the blog because I'm sure there are plenty new mamas out there that might find it helpful.
    I personally used Destin and plenty of air time - I also constantly change his diaper which helps. Now he is potty trained so I'm done with that stage *yay to all the sudden rush to bathroom for pee pee 🤣 because he LOVES telling me at the very last minute *

    1. hahahaha potty training is something I am not looking forward too

  5. Great post, love the tips on coconut oil. I love it too for just about everything. Thanks for sharing. xx