Daddy Holiday Gift Guide Under $100

by - December 03, 2017

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I find men the hardest to shop for, as do many of my friends. Most of the time men just seem to be mildly amused by everything, not loving or hating any gifts. That is something that absolutely drives me crazy when having a man on my shopping list. I never know if they liked what I got them or not. I am someone who thinks fully and logically when giving a gift. I find something that catches my eye and I think to myself how the receiving person would use or enjoy the item. The holidays to me are no joke and if you are reading this then you are also on my side of the holiday madness and take gift giving as seriously as college football. I have carefully thought out, researched, and polled the males in my life and these are my daddy holiday gift giving tips and ideas. Photos are linked to my Amazon for easy gifting access. So if you see something you like just click the photo to view the items details., Inc.

1.) Auto Detail -If the dad you are shopping for in your life is anything like my son's dad then he could probably use a auto detail... Detail centers, auto shops, dealerships are just a few places that might have what you are looking for. If you are on a budget you can even craft him up a coupon and DIY the car cleaning or do this as a surprise.

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2.) Something Useful - When you have a dad in your life who never seems to want anything, try giving him something he needs or upgrading something he has with a nicer newer model. Maybe a travel gift set, a new brief case or laptop bag, or a new grilling set.

3.) Retail Gift Card - Men typically have some sort of hobby. Whether that be working out, hunting, fishing, camping, reading, sports. Hobbies can also be pricey so getting him a gift card to a place such as Cabela's, Dick's Sporting Goods, Barnes and Noble, Gamestop can be a thumbs up. That way he can get whatever it is he likes / needs or use the gift card as a discount on a big ticket item.

4.) Staycation - Get a room in town or a short drive into the city for the night. Relax in the hotel amenities and take advantage of the time you have alone without kids calling your name. Parenthood can get hectic and the holidays give you the perfect opportunity to give the gift of reconnection.

5.) Grooming Kit - This is a total cliche man gift but most men use some sort of grooming tool or product daily and what they currently have won't last forever. A grooming kit is a great gift for any man. To spice up this gift maybe include a certificate to a barber shop or purchase a higher end kit or product than the brands he typically uses. You can find All Natural Beard Oil I crafted myself with therapeutic grade essential oils on my Etsy shop.

6.) Beer Subscription - Just like in my Mommy Holiday Gift Guide Under $100 I'm sure the dads out there would like a beer or whiskey subscription. This can grant him the chance to try new craft brews or aged whiskeys, something new he might like and normally wouldn't have tried on his own. Something a little more sophisticated than the can of Bud Light he normally reaches for.

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7.) Something Thoughtful - If nothing else seems to be the right gift, try appealing to his heart and go for something thoughtful. Maybe something personalized, or dad themed. There are all kinds of dad themed gifts you can find on Amazon and bonus for last minute gifts fast "prime" shipping. Things Remembered is also a great shop to check out when looking for personal, thoughtful, and custom gifts.

8.) Clothing - How often do men really shop for themselves? How tired are you of seeing him in the same faded t-shirt from his college days? When shopping for another, especially when it comes to clothing, I like to hold up the item that caught my eye and ask myself three little questions, "would (insert name here) like this?" "would (insert name here) wear this?" "would (insert name here) look nice in this?". If all three answers are "yes" then you most likely have a winner!

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9.) Cologne - Cologne much like women's perfume is a treat. Something a little extra special. You can pick up a bottle of his personal favorite or if he is a dad who doesn't treat himself often you can purchase a trial set like the one pictured below. With a trial set he can try small sizes of various designer scents until he finds the fragrance he likes.

10.) Something Funny - Does the dad on your list have a sense of humor? Would he enjoy some good gag gifts? Goofy goodies can make for a silly stocking stuffer or humorous addition to any of the other gifts listed above. Fish soap, a new travel mug, a silly adult coloring book?

I hope these gift ideas helped cross off a few fellas on your list. If you used any of these tips make sure to let me know in the comments below! As always don't forget to share and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading!

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  1. I am getting a grooming kit for the hubby, plus I got him a dress shirt and a few other things.

    1. Awesome! I bet he will love them. These links are affiliates through my amazon site. Let me know if you use them to order or bookmark for the future. Thanks so much for reading