10 Baby Products I Hated | 1st Year | 0 - 12 months

by - December 13, 2017

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I am sure every mom has a love / hate list of the trials and errors, when it comes to baby products. Children, unfortunately, don't come with a guide book or an app that automatically downloads on your smartphone listing your new baby's likes and dislikes. This is all apart of the parenting journey and for Milo and I it was the deepest of struggles at times. I did get lucky once or twice, but more often than not I spent money on products we hated, were unusable, or he deemed completely unnecessary. If you want to see the list of 10 Baby products I Loved | 1st Year | 0 - 12 months you can check that out here. Just keep reading for the 10 baby products we absolutely hated and the reasons why.

Bumbo - The Bumbo is an item that was on every single baby essential list I saw when I was preparing for Milo's arrival. However, he wasn't a fan and didn't fit in it for very long. Now I understand babies grow out of things super quickly, but did anyone else have an issue with it squishing your baby's legs? Maybe Milo was just a bit too hammy for this baby essential. Either way we were not a fan. However, there is an alternative designed by the same brand that could solve all the issues we had and that is the Bumbo Multi Seat. In my personal opinion this seat is designed much better with more use capabilities.

Baby Mitten - Please let me know in the comments below if you have had any luck with these. I couldn't keep these on Milo to save my life! I loathed these when Milo was a newborn. Literally the bane of my existence. Are they cute? Sure are. Are they the biggest gimmick on the market? Right again! Milo would scratch and I as a new first time mom was terrified of clipping his nails. One the other hand (pun intended) my next hated item was actually perfect for this issue. In all honesty it was easier for me to stick with the Gerber Newborn Long Sleeve Side Snap Mitten Cuffs Shirt. Milo was born in the Fall so these were easy to layer and also covered his hands without any way of shuffling them off.

Newborn Socks - Baby socks weren't as bad as the mittens, but oh boy did they try. Keeping socks on a baby is hard and once they start playing with their feet... forget about it. I loved Footed Pants and Sleeper Pajamas. I gave up on socks real quick. Those were life saving alternatives.

Munchkin Fresh Food Feeder - Now try not to get this item confused with the Munchkin Baby Food Feeder on my Baby Products I Loved list. This feeder has a mesh net that holds the foods. (typically fruits or cooked vegetables) I absolutely hated this for a number of reasons. One being it was impossible to get fully clean. All the nooks and crannies in the mesh held onto foods for dear life! It also got dingy very very quickly. Almost immediately after the first cleaning. Which is fine, I know something looking dirty doesn't make it dirty however it just gave me the heebeegeebees. Terrible design in my most personal opinion.

Munchkin Inflatable Duck Tub - I actually didn't totally hate this item... However, I wouldn't recommend this for frequent use. It would be perfect for traveling, vacations, visiting family, or having on hand for holiday visitors. This inflatable tub was only $12.00 so it wasn't breaking the bank, it just started not holding air after a few days of use. One thing I did like about this is the Hot sensor on the bottom. This lets you know if the water for baby's bath is too warm. Milo actually loved this item. I have a bunch of photos of him playing in it. We used this for the transition into the "Big Boy" tub aka not the sink. It just wasn't as durable as I was hoping for. Like I said though, I do highly recommend it for travel or if you have babies coming to visit.

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier - If you delivered in a hospital you will probably remember these, but I can't stand them! I think they are incredibly hideous. Milo almost instantly refused them and not going to lie I exhaled a sigh of relief. They are however, the cheapest binkies I have seen on the market so that is an upside. Milo just happened to be a boushy baby and liked the most expensive binkies our Walmart sells.

Gerber First Essentials Soft Center Latex Pacifier - I picked this up while visiting the grandparents in Bryce Canyon, Utah. This was the only binky they had at a "convenient store" style market in the neighboring town. These look like they are something from the 1950's which don't get me wrong I am no hater of retro. Though when I say retro, I mean they were probably stocked on the shelf in the 1950's. Covered in dust I tossed them into our basket and sanitised the bejeebies out of them when I opened the package. I noticed the pacifier part was large, like super large, compared to his favorite MAM binkies. Milo screamed when I gave it to him. Luckily, I found one straggler MAM binky on the floor of the car. He was so picky about his binks there was no way that Gerber was going to cut it.
*these Gerber Binks have since been discontinued 

Tommee Tippee 360 Trainer Cup - This is Tommee Tippee's version of the Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup. Milo loved the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Bottle so I figured it would be a safe bet sticking with the same brand... I couldn't have been more wrong. Milo couldn't seem to figure it out and they are not spill proof. Like at all. We did try close to every single sippy cup on the market for weeks before Milo found one he liked, but this one was just a hot mess.

Playtex Sipsters Stage 2 Spout Sippy Cups - I actually was really hoping Milo would like these because they were easy to find, reasonably priced, and aesthetically pleasing. But how does the saying go again? "Another one bites the dust." they say? These cups have a hard spout which is practically useless for a teething, inexpereinced baby in my opinion. Milo couldn't get enough connection to get any fluid out. Then the silicone piece in the lid was very difficult to place back in once ran through the dishwasher. This product stated on the packaging that it was designed for children 9mo+ and dishwasher safe. Though neither of these statements seemed true in our case.

Munchkin Click Lock Weighted Flexi Straw Trainer Cup - I am a huge fan of watching Youtubers and Rachhloves recommended this on her channel, so I had to try it while we were on the hunt for a sippy. To this day Milo still hasn't figured out the use of a straw, but this straw cup was a major doozy. Milo has a tendency to get frustrated and fling and flail around. The weighted bit inside seemed to give this cup some momentum. Also, this is another munchkin item that seemed impossible to clean. Maybe I am just a germaphobe, but I insist on a logical way to clean my baby's everyday essentials.

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As always the links to all items are connected to my Amazon for easy detail and purchase access. Don't forget to comment your stories with any of your hated baby products, share, and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading and  Happy Mommin'!

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  1. I love our Bumbo seat! My daughters legs have always had trouble fitting but I use it almost every other day since she was about 3 months old. For the longest time I couldn't figure out how to get her out until my husband did it backwards. Lol! Baby mittens we're my favorite. She never messed with them as an infant. and I see lots of babies with those green hospital pacifiers. The hospital I delivered at no longer gave our pacifiers! So Scarlett never used them except to play with in her toy buckets!