Review: Munchkin Latch Bottles

by - October 05, 2017

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Price - You can get a multi pack of these bottles from $12.00 - $15.00. Just slightly more expensive than the Tommee Tippee brand bottle ya'll know we love. There are definitely less expensive bottles out there, but on the same note some brands can be far higher in price. Ultimately, it is left up to your baby and his/her preference and as parents we just have to suck it up when it comes to price for items like these.   

Quality - I have loved Munchkin products in the past, but these bottles I was not too fond of, unfortunately. Neither was Milo after a while. The bottom air vent feature didn't always seal properly which caused milk to leak out the bottom. Especially when dad made the bottles and forgot pieces and parts. The plastic and nipples discolored easily in our hard water which caused a dingy look and the details wore in the dishwasher. The caps didn't secure on very well either, which made for shaking up bottles and storage risky.


Convenience - This bottle comes with more pieces than most any other I've seen on the market. The nipple has multiple crevices to aid in the back and fourth "natural" motion, but makes for difficult cleaning. With the extra pieces and parts it doesn't make for quick and ready feedings when baby is fussy and complicates storage. Where do you put all those parts? Thumbs down for easy access... More difficult cleaning and easily misplaced pieces was a nightmare for this new mommy. Also, this bottle did not fit in my The First Years Bottle Warmer. You can purchase many Munchkin Latch / Munchkin collection specialty products such as a bottle warmer which would accommodate the Latch bottle size and shape. So if you are a "brand bunny" or someone who likes everything to be matched by branding then this wouldn't bother you. However, this was a concern for me. 

Design - The bottle has a good shape, easy to hold for mommy and baby. Slightly on the heavier side though for a plastic bottle. The bottom blue valve is designed to release air so baby doesn't get gassy or hiccups and the nipple has a nice natural shape Milo liked when he was deciding on which bottle he preferred. Really it all ends up on what your baby prefers like mentioned above. The nipple is slightly elongated and something Milo had a hard time with in his younger months. So, I wouldn't say this bottle is ideal for bottle fed newborns. 

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Accessibility - Like many other top baby brands you can find these Munchkin bottles just about anywhere. Walmart, Target, Buy Buy Baby etc. You can also find better deals if you are a online shopper like myself. I have noticed you can buy various stages of nipple sizes/flows separately. As for replacements of any other parts it doesn't look like you have that same convenience. You would have to go without, mix n match, or purchase an entire new bottle from my research and usage. However, don't quote me on that. I just haven't seen replacement parts. 

Milo went back and fourth for a few weeks in his younger months between Munchkin Latch and Tommee Tippee bottles and ultimately decided he was team Tommee Tippee. Much to my pleasure. Many times the tiny pieces of the Munchkin Latch bottles ended up in my food disposal and were difficult to clean. Digging around for all the parts in my bottle storage basket was a pain especially in the middle of the night. I like the thought behind the bottle, but in the end, and in my opinion, Tommee Tippee executed the more natural concept much better. 

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