My Fall / Winter Skin Care Routine

by - October 09, 2017

I have gotten so many questions about my skin care routine. What products I use and how I keep my skin clear. Honestly, I have never suffered from acne or breakouts. So if that is the post you are looking for this is not the post for you. I do however, suffer from hypo-pigmentation, blackheads, and very sensitive dry skin. Some issues that express themselves more so in the cooler fall and winter months. Which is why I thought I would share with you now my full skincare routine and the real products I use.

OZ Naturals

Facial Scrub
Typically facial scrubs are marketed towards people who have oily skin, acne, or buildup, but they are great if you suffer from dryness as well. The two I love to use most are the Aveeno Positively Radiant Skin Brightening Exfoliating Daily Scrub (great if you have a dull uneven skin tone, much like myself) and the Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Facial Scrub. I use one of these at night during my shower and make sure to rinse thoroughly. Scrubs are so great to gently remove dry, damaged, dead and dull skin cells, revealing fresh bright new soft skin.

Coconut Oil
I use coconut oil as my make up remover before hopping in the shower and using one of the scrubs linked above and also as a hydrating face mask after the scrub.

For make up removal I just rub the oil in between my hands warming it up and massage in a circular motion all around my face with my finger tips focusing on and around the eye area. Then I take a warm washcloth and remove the oil. This is the most hydrating and gentle way to remove even the most high quality waterproof makeup.

After my shower as I am getting ready for bed I will massage coconut oil in again and this time I do not remove it. I leave it on all night. This has helped so much with evening out my facial pigments and it leaves my skin so strong, soft, and hydrated.

Mild Day Cleanser
In the morning I wash my face with a mild daily cleanser. Currently, I have been using the e.l.f. Daily Face Cleanser. Professionals and experts say it is good to also wash your face in the morning to remove any build up and impurities. The morning quick cleanse also removes the excess coconut oil from the night before. Leaving my skin as a fresh canvas for any make up and a.m. skin care.

I am currently using two daily morning moisturizers. One being the Ponds Clarant B3 Moisturizer which I use all over my face and down my neck, and my own little creation the Tired as a Mother Eye Cream which you can find on the "Shop" page in the right side bar or click the link and follow to my Etsy. I focus the eye cream on the sides of my eyes (crows feet area) and around my under eye dabbing as I go. This product is quick drying, ultra hydrating and non greasy which is perfect for before makeup application or as is.


I actually tend to steer clear of the cleanser / makeup remover wipes because they tend to be hard and rough on my skin. However, I like to keep a pack of the Alba Botanica Hawaiian 3-In-1 Clean Towelettes in my diaper bag and in my gym bag. Alba wipes are great to use during travel after the gym or in case of an eye liner emergency. These are the most gentle and softest wipes I have found thus far.

So there you have it. My current entire skin care routine. If you want to check out more ways to use coconut oil check out my 15 Coconut Oil Uses For Baby and 15 Coconut Oil Uses For Mommy posts. Leave your thoughts on any of the products you've tried listed above in the comments below. Also, if you have any of the same skin issues I have let me know what products you love and I'll try and hopefully love them too.  If you want to see more of these Beauty, Skincare, Product Review posts let me know and I'll be sure to include more.

As always don't forget to share and subscribe! Until next time thanks for reading!

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