How I Boosted My Blog Traffic

by - October 10, 2017

Elaine Turner

So as many of you may know, if you have been a reader from the beginning, I didn't start my blog to be a money maker. It started out as something personal and a way for me to share and look back on my experiences becoming a single mother. Over the past year or so I have been taking my blog far more seriously...and LOVING it! I have boosted my blog traffic from about 1,000 views per month to over 10,000 views per month! I did this with just a few simple steps.

It has been so fun working with companies I love, trying new products, and engaging with you. Writing has always been a hobby of mine and to share that with you, my readers, and grow at the same time has been great! It's been incredible connecting with people from all around the world and inspiring them through my posts, tips, recipes, and mommy hacks! If you are a fellow blogger one of the questions always in your head is probably, "How do I boost my traffic?" I asked myself the same thing when I started turning my blog from a hobby to a money making passion. Ok, Ok, I'm done rambling now, this intro is long enough, let's get into it. This is how I boosted my traffic.


I have joined and been testing out a bunch of blog related Facebook groups. Though this has contributed a huge boost in my views I tend to steer away from the overly obsessive admins who micro manage their groups. Groups where you have to like every single profile or comment on every single post in the threads. I'm sorry, but I just don't have the time or the desire to go through a thread and comment on 100+ posts within a 48 hour period. It's just too much. I have a life and a 1 year old son and just other things I would rather be doing. When you think about it bloggers in the beginning stages aren't making a very sizable income and in reality time is money. So, to be honest I don't like wasting my time. Especially on posts I don't have an interest in. I enjoy groups where I can share posts on walls and freely engage and chat with other bloggers and posts that spark my interest. I don't publish so someone who is uninterested can view my work. I blog to help and inspire others who share a common interest. So if you are anything like me and tend to not like the "forced" engagement groups here is a short list of some groups I like:

Mommy Bloggers & Vloggers
The Mother-Hood
Share Your Blog + Tips & Tricks
Blogging 101
Bloggers Supporting Each Other


I have been using Twitter much more lately and a few simple hashtags and profile follows have really boosted my blog's exposure. The key with twitter is consistency in your tweets. Now, I don't have thousands of followers... yet, but I have noticed when I use the "Tweet Activity" feature and track when my tweets get the most impressions and tweet around that time it helps a ton!

I have started a profile on Bloglovin' and not only have my views gone up, but I have also found other blogs I love and tons of post inspiration! It is super easy to use and post your new publishing's. I highly suggest starting one and taking full advantage! It's like Pinterest for bloggers! It's incredible. Totally my new obsession. However, beware! Just like Pinterest it can become life consuming. I can't tell you how many times I've been in bed at midnight reading blog posts I've found through my Bloglovin' feed!

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If you follow my Instagram then you already know I post the photos from each new blog post. I have tested over time the hashtags that work best for my niche and profile and use them pretty much every time I post on the gram. Using hashtags helps other Instagramers find your profile and photos. I highly recommend making your profile public or making a separate Instagram for your blog if making your personal profile public makes you uncomfortable. Just like with Twitter consistency is key. Something even now I struggle with.

Join Pinterest groups that are in your niche! Pinning is so easy and it has been a sizable factor in my blogs success! I am still figuring out Pinterest groups so if you are a member of any where you think  my blog would fit in, link them in the comments below and I will join! The few I have joined have helped so much. I love sharing my posts and reading others or pinning for later. Come on now, this mom life gets hectic sometimes and pinning posts to read later helps me not to forget. I assume if it works for me it works for my readers. I have found that once I started using Pinterest more my posts from a few weeks back were even getting views still. I view Pinterest as the slow but steady view booster.

That's it. Sharing my content on these social media sites is all I do and it has greatly boosted my traffic, exposure, and marketed material. It doesn't take much time and the pay off is major! Try the Facebook groups and let me know what you think. They are some of my top faves. If you want a longer list of the groups I have joined or a part 2 to this post comment below and I will be sure to share. My social media are linked in the titles above so if you want to check them out just click away :) 

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