Special Guest: 11 Questions First Time Moms Google

by - August 19, 2017

The scoop on Poop

  • How many times should newborn poop?
    • many many many times!
    • Expect a stinky after each feeding for the first two-three weeks
  • My baby pooped green/yellow/brown/(color of choice) is this normal?
    • Breastfed babies tend to poop a yellowish seedy poop (can also vary shades of yellow-green)
    • Formula fed tend to fluctuate between yellowish/greenish/brownish with the consistency of liquidy and lumpy
Melissa and Doug

Little Tiny Humans and Their Little Tiny Bodies

  • Newborn has bump on back of head
    • Usually it is enlarged lymph nodes
      • Soft to the touch, can slightly move side/side, can be on both or one side on back of head
  • How did my newborn get a bruise on his butt?
    • Totally normal, goes away with time
    • Most newborns are born with a bruise around tailbone area
  • How do I clear baby acne?
    • Let it be, it doesn’t bother them, and it will go away with time
    • Do not apply scented lotion to baby's face
    • If you can’t resist the urge, take a warm washcloth and gently wipe the face (daily)
  • Why does my newborn have scaly dandruff?
    • Baby dandruff is also known as: Cradle Cap; it's very common, and goes away with age
  • Why does baby cry when laying flat on back?
    • Usually Digestive Issues: G.E.R.D, gassy, upset stomach
    • Only doctors can diagnose G.E.R.D
    • Give gas drops for upset tummies
My 1st Years

I should have known this BEFORE baby!

  • Can I shower my baby with umbilical cord stump still in place?
    • Try a washcloth shower, avoid wetting the stump
    • Don’t submerge infant's tummy under water due to stump until it falls off
  • How to diagnose Autism in infants
    • Hard to diagnose in infants, wait till age two
    • Don't be discouraged by late bloomers who aren't hitting milestones right away
    • All baby's reach milestones at different times

That Postpartum Body

  • How to make more breast milk, naturally?
    • Eat better, latch that baby on, take vitamins, pump, mindset( I will breastfeed, I will make more milk)
    • Try oatmeal for breakfast, in a smoothie with brewer's yeast, put oatmeal on EVERYTHING
    • Lactation cookies
    • PLENTY OF WATER! Chug it mommy
  • When can I start exercising/being intimate?
    • 6-8 weeks is the "Dr time" for exercising and intimacy
    • It depends on you; are you up for sexy time or does a nap sound better?
Most First time moms turn to Google, to answer questions we don’t want to ask others. We act like we got it all covered. No shame in the Google game.

Naturally Better You

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