Review: Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller Travel System

by - July 31, 2017

Price: I picked up my travel system before Milo was born for around $180. I think that is a very fair price for it being a complete set. This travel system comes with the infant seat, car seat base, and the adjustable jogger stroller. Milo used the infant seat until he was about 8 or 9 months old so I feel we got our moneys worth with the seat alone. There are by far cheaper strollers out there, but I knew with as often as we travel and the western terrain of where we live that I wanted a jogger. 

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Quality: I have been really pleased with the quality of this travel system. It seems very sturdy, durable, and I have yet to run into any complications. It is a bit heavy, but I see that as a good sign. Joggers are bigger and in turn are heavier than typical strollers, so that was to be expected. This system seems to be made from material that is not cheap or flimsy. It was extremely easy to assemble and included easy to read instructions. 

Convenience: From the time I ordered and even now when I use this stroller every morning it has made life so easy. It was delivered right to my door from Which was amazing because I was ready to pop when I ordered this. It folds and unfolds super easy. The base was secure and simple to install into the back seat of my car and connecting/unconnecting the baby carrier was as easy as pushing a button. The infant seat connects right into the stroller's table top cup holders and latches in place with ease. This is awesome for shopping, walks, and running errands. The fabrics have been easy to clean and the table top tray comes off for easy clean up. 

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Design: I like the simplicity of this strollers design. I didn't want something too far out or flashy. I am a fan of simple clean lines and this is just that. There is a storage compartment underneath the seat which is great for quick trips, adventures, and travel. Also, I recently noticed the back of the seat is adjustable so baby can sit or recline which came in handy during our most recent venture across country to Ohio. The two cup holders and close-able storage near the handle bars is what I personally use the most. the storage compartment has a latch-able lid so I keep my credit card and phone in there during our walks and trips into town. 

Accessibility: I have seen this product in an array of places. Target, Walmart, Amazon etc. Baby Trend is a popular brand, with a well known standing in the baby industry. Getting additional pieces like an extra car seat base is super simple and can commonly be found sold individually. Which I highly recommend if baby will be riding often in multiple vehicles.  
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Overall I am super pleased with my choice to purchase the Baby Trend Jogger Travel System. Milo seems to be comfortable when riding in it which is just as importable as anything else. I keep mine stored in the truck of my Chevy Equinox and it fits snug but perfect. This is something I would highly recommend to the adventurous or even just convenient seeking parents to be. This product comes in gender neutral colors along with bright green, teal, and pink! 
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  1. I don't have any kiddos of my own but my hubbys niece is having her first baby and this would be perfect for her!

    1. it would make a great gift. I am obsessed with mine