My Self Tanning Routine & Tips

by - July 18, 2017

With my vacation literally just around the corner I had to step up my self tanning game and get that goddess bronze in tip top shape! Now, I am terrible at keeping up with my tan on the regular basis, but whenever I have something going on, a wedding /event to go to, or something planed like a three point destination trip I make sure to look my best. Part of looking and feeling my best, for me, is my tan. It's the perfect accessory and the simplest way to look fresh, radiant, and even, believe it or not, slimmer... I have listed the products I use and how I use them below. If you want to check out any of these products for yourself just click the photos.  

What I Use

LA Tan
Luxury Sunless Mousse Black Bronzing - Dark 
This is my go to, my holy grail, my self tanning must have. I originally picked this up on a clearance table near the check out of Walmart for only $1.00! Can you even believe it! I love the deep color and it lasts longer than any other mousse tanner I have used in the past. Gives me that perfect kissed by the sun color without spending all those damaging hours actually in the sun.

Banana Boat
Summer Color Self Tanning Lotion - Light / Medium 
I like to use this product on all my dry spots. Elbows, knees, ankles, feet and on my face. This is a product that can build color with more applications. It also works great for helping with the mousse application, keeping it steak free and aids in an even color.

St. Tropez
Applicator Mit
I absolutely hate using my hands to apply my self tan. It always turns out looking awful and my hands are left with splotches of tan color. So I found a mit and it works amazing. Leaves my tan streak free and my hands clean. I just toss this in my washer after each application and let it sit out to dry. (do not put in dryer)

How I Use It

Step 1: Shower
I use a bath pouf and really put some elbow grease in scrubbing and exfoliating my skin. Then I make sure to give my legs, underarms, and anywhere else a good shave with a new blade head. After my shower I would typically use my DS Body Motherhood Collection Bump & Body Oil but not this time! I rough dry with a towel to remove any dead skin cells that are left and make sure not to moisturize.

Step 2: Application
Once I am fully dry I begin to apply the Banana Boat Lotion to my dry spots, listed above. Next, I put on my tanning mit and pump the LA Tan mousse directly onto it. Rubbing in circular motions I apply the mousse to my skin. I like to start from the top and work my way down. 

Tip: slip a big square hair brush inside your mit and grip the handle to reach those hard to apply spots, such as your back and shoulder area.

Step 3: Let Set
The LA Tan Mousse recommends that you leave on for 3-12 hours. I like to apply in the morning while my son, Milo, is down for his first nap. Then I rinse at night once I put him down to bed. That way the bronzers don't transfer onto my bedding. 

Tip: It's best to not have anything planned for tanning day, unless you don't mind getting tanner on your bed set or clothing. It washes away but will transfer.

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  1. I always wondered how to the middle of my back, the hair brush is brilliant. I noticed you did not list St. Topez self tanner is there a reason?

    1. Thanks! Yes the back is a pain in the you know what. St. Tropez Tanners are nice products but I don't believe them to be worth the price. I can find great products that are local and work just as well for far less.