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by - July 25, 2017

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I believe to have finally mastered Milo's diapering routine. After testing tons of products we liked and even more so that we didn't, we have come to our final holy grails. The few that made it on to our love list. Here are our go to's, must have's, and tipity top fave's when it comes to changing those nasty nappies! Links are connected to all product images, so if you want to try for the first time or reorder any of these products just click on the photos.

Aveeno Baby Eczema Therapy
This product is a must have in our home and I wish I would have started using it earlier. Milo has the driest, most sensitive skin. Which is something I'm sure I passed along, as do I. He would scratch and cry as a newborn with his skin so dry. Once I started using Aveeno Baby products his rough, blotchy, patches his breakouts were instantly soothed and smooth. No more itching or scratching. I have a much happier baby, these days. I like to use this during his morning diaper change, again during our night time routine, and through out the day as needed (depending on the season).

Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream
Milo luckily has never had diaper rash. I make sure to keep up on his diaper changes, baths, and use more natural, gentle, products. As I am putting on his diaper after our nightly bath, I like to put a little of the Honest Company Diaper Rash Cream on to soothe his little bum through the night.

Honest Company Soothing Bottom Wash 
Here is another must have from the Honest Company. If you are a regular reader you have heard me sing this product's praises before. This Soothing Bottom Wash smells so dang good. Which aids in the cutting of diapering smells that may not be so pleasant. Not only does it mask messy bottom odors, but also helps in the clean up of those tough changes. Leaving baby with a fresh, smooth bottom.

Huggies Snugglers Diapers
Recently, I made a switch. After weeks of thought, I decided to leave behind my Honest Company Diaper Bundle and try a new brand. I remembered Milo using Huggies diapers in the hospital without problem. So of course this was the department store brand I chose to go back to after leaving Honest. I had so many issues with various diaper brands in the past. So choosing Honest in the beginning was a safe route to go. However, these Huggies diapers are so so so soft, fit amazingly, and have double grip panels to ensure closure. I went with the little snugglers for no particular reason other than they had Winnie the Pooh vs. Mickey Mouse detail. Pooh Bear and friends will always win over Mickey Mouse in my house any day!

Huggies Natural Care
Since I am no longer receiving my Honest Company Diaper Bundle which included wipes, I had to find another natural and gentle wipe. These have been so easy on Milo's delicate bottom and leave his skin soft and clean. The Huggies Natural Care wipes are very durable along with being fragrance free, paraben free and alcohol free.

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  1. I will start using the honest company cream! I had been thinking about it so I'm glad I read this.

    1. Milo has not have any serious diaper rash so I'm not sure how high powered it is. on the other hand is I partly believe why he hasn't had any serious diaper rash or rashes of any sort is because we use gentle naturally based products. Let me know what you think when you do. All the products are linked in the photos