Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - Fall

by - February 23, 2017

We are diving right in and doing wild. A wild mess, a wild shabby motel, and the wild wild wilderness... tomorrow. Tomorrow is good. This episode begins with Lorelai struggling with the outdoorsy life.

At the Gazette Rory gets some strange messages, as a pig runs through the middle of town. Luke is losing it without Lorelai. While she debates and tries to figure out her life, with some strangers and boxed wine. Logan comes back! In a oh so spooky way. The boys have decided it's time to go out. Life or death brigade style. Colin buys a club and Rory gets a key. A key to Logan's family house in Maine. He, just like Jess, is pro book. A quite, solemn, place for her to focus.

After a night of wild antics we meet at a bed & breakfast. Another thing Colin intoxicatingly purchased. Rory is once again reminded that she is the other woman. If she can't have all of Logan, she doesn't want any of him. No Maine house, just the memory of one last perfect night together. I don't know who is taking this final break harder. The boys or Rory and Logan. Despite his preordained life, Rory will always be the one that got away. I never saw her as the other woman type, but then I remember the origional episodes where she lost her virginity with a not so single Dean. She may be a mistress, but the kind you can't bring yourself to hate. She loved these men deeply. Sometimes, no matter the situation it's hard to let go. She is our Rory and she always makes the right decision in the end. So it's goodbye and farewell to the young Mr. Huntzburger.

No permit, no hiking. Even with a flirty bribe to the park ranger Lorelai and her overly stuffed backpack were a no go. Who needs the Pacific Crest Trail anyways? She found everything she was searching for right in the back of a closed cafe. Of course, while on a hunt for coffee she would find her closure, insight, and focus. She is 90% caffeine after all. With a tear filled phone call full of memories and insecurities. Lorelai finally tells a heartfelt story of her father. Its exacty what her grieving mother needed to hear.

Luke, however, has been a basket case without his leading lady. Frantic at why she has decided to gain some space. Lorelai isn't a hiker or very fond of nature. Wild has no hello kitty booth! After a loving and devoted rant from Luke, grasping at every reason Lorelai shouldn't leave him. She surprises him, again, with stating that she thinks they should get married. The dates already picked and everything is all set. It's all set. Finally these two are getting hitched.

Nantucket, where Emily has been spending a majority of her time lately, the maid and family join. Which leaves the Hartford house empty. The ideal place for Rory to write. Flashbacks of memories rush over her, being alone in that giant house. Focused and ready, Richard's study is where she settles into inspiration. I couldn't have picked a more perfect place myself.
Interviewing potential new managers for the Dragonfly, Michelle's inevitable leaving starts to feel more real. Even though he isn't happy about it. Lorelai isn't either. So she begins looking into expansion options. A group of Katy Perry loving, gambling nuns are sellers of the perfect place. Full of history and charm offers are coming in quick.

Just like that, with the inspiration of her grandparents house and the epic, most perfect, story Rory finishes the first three chapters. Emily back in the city, seems over the DAR. With Richard gone she seemed to be lost in the begining. In this final episode she seems to be finding herself. Even though she is still coming to terms with her new status of widow. This new beachy lifestyle seems to calm and suit her.

Wedding preparations are in full swing. Miss Celine makes an appearance and her appearance has not changed. If she was 100 when Lorelai was a teenager this most fashionable woman must be a witch. Luke is friends with a surprise celeb! Imagine that of all things. Liz and TJ joining a cult, sure I can see that, but Luke and Kieffer!! Come on!

Finally, the man we've been waiting for. As always, Christopher. He's taken over the family biz and still rolling in dough. Rory meets with him to catch up and go over the book. She has some tough questions. Which catch our absentee father off guard. Just like Lorelai he is skeptical and a little nervous of how Rory will portray him. Admittedly, Christopher agrees with the way things turned out with Lorelai and Rory. However, not without regrets. It was just in the cards.

An unscheduled visit with Emily, Lorelai notices the Hartford house is for sale. Emily is moving to Nantucket full time, quit the DAR, and left the club. She is really falling into herself. She no longer has her husband to support, so now she is doing what makes her happy. I like this new Emily Gilmore, if I do say. Not able to get another loan in time, and with Katy Perry's interest in the property, Lorelai is at her mother's for help. I knew she would do whatever it took to keep Michelle. I also love the idea of her expanding the Inn. She is a powerful woman who has always been ment for great things. Now with Rory grown she has the time to dedicate. However, Emily is not a "no strings attached" kind of lady. Not even this new version her. To use Luke's franchise money her and Luke must spend some quality time in Nantucket. Hell, you wouldn't have to twist my arm.

At Doose's looking for safety pins in the spray cheese isle, Dean finally shows up! He has become far more handsome with age. Fatherhood looks good on him. After some catching up, our young writer brings up the book. Dean is taken back a bit, but he has always been so supportive. Rory is a lucky girl to have had such incredible men in her life.

A pornographic entrance introduces Sookie!! Finally! She has been gone, off doing god knows what, in the woods, with a herd of other crazy foodies. Working like a mad woman on Lorelai and Luke's wedding cake. These friends reunite for the first time in two years. Of course, this neurotic chef knows her kitchen has been tainted by the workings of the famous, but she sure does miss the place. Even Michelle expresses that he has missed her in his own grumpy French ways.

A traditional Luke, a very fit Jess, and a distraught Kirk all gather to go over the big day. While Lorelai chows down on some pop tarts she gives her OK ,with one minor tweek, to the book. A pleased and eager Rory rushes to share the news with Jess. As he claims to Luke he is over her, a touching, longing, glance makes me think otherwise.

Waking Rory for a pre wedding - wedding they wonder to the town square to see Kirk's whimsical masterpiece. As, such a fitting song plays in the backround, a very staged scene brings closure to this episode. With Michelle and Lane as witnesses, Luke and Lorelai finally tye the knot. As the sun rises we end just like we began. In the town gazebo with some mother daughter chit chat and a huge secret revealed.

The End.

This final episode was very Alice in Wonderland feeling. More whimsical than anything prior. I honestly wasn't a huge fan of this one. There was so much media surrounding this revival. So many hints and questions about who Rory would end up with. I was slightly disappointed she didn't end up with anyone. I love Logan, but I've and ways been team Jess. Well maybe she didnt end up with a man, but a little bun. Logan's? This can't be the end. This episode has left so many things open. Emily and her new JOB and shore life in Nantucket, Luke and Lorelai's married life, the Inn and michelle, of course Rory and the baby. With the funky style and questions left unanswered I'm left more confused than I was when the origional series ended. I was hoping this revival would bring insight and closure, but it's left everything wide open. All in all I'm a fan and and ways will be. I enjoyed and was greatly entertained by this revival. I have seen it far more than once already. As I still watch the origionals from time to time. Gilmore Girls never get old. As time passes the Gilmore Girls become more and more classic.

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