4 Month Update

by - January 26, 2017

My baby honeybee is a whopping four months old already! I know I say this every update, but I still can't believe how fast time has flown by. He is growing so quickly it's really been a miracle to witness. Motherhood has truly changed my life in such a powerful way. I feel, it's my purpose in life, to be Milo's mom. I wake every day with the determination to do what I feel is best for him.

This past month we are still co sleeping. However, making a slow transition into his own bed. He naps in his bed during the day, but as soon as that sun goes down he wants mommy's big comfy bed. This weekend Milo and I are moving, alone, into our new condo. So he will have his nursery soon, now that we found a permanent place. Moving across the country is hard, expecially to a place I've never been. Everything is coming together, though.

Soon I will be returning to work, unfortunately. When coming back out west, I was promised a year with Milo. It seems plans have changed. A man is only as good as his word. So when that word is no good, it's time for me to step up and become a "Working Mom". I have such a respect for working moms. I really dont know how well I am going to handle leaving my precious baby boy all day. I have been reminding myself that everything I do and every sacrifice I make is for him. I'm pretty sure I found a good nanny though. I am even a little excited to get back to work, building a career within this new institution, and interacting with adults again.

At Milo's four month check up, today, I asked the pediatrician about formula. An idea I have never been fond of. Luckily, she said I shouldn't have a problem starting Milo on baby foods. So to avoid formula I ordered the Beaba Baby Cook. A steamer, blender, defroster all in one baby food maker. I'm so excited to give this a try. I will make a whole post (probably multiple) about homemade baby foods. (Comment below if you have any requests or if you would be interested in DIY baby food posts) 

He will still get bottles of breast milk and I can nurse him before and after work. She said that should be plenty with the addition of the new foods. This pretty much made my day. I have been so determined to breastfeed for at least a year. Lately, I have been anxious, and beating myself up about how work would interfere with breastfeeding. What a relief to hear that it shouldn't. Keeping my fingers crossed my supply stays strong.

Milo has already started Gerber Organic Cereals for the past week or so. I have been putting just the tiniest bit in his night time bottles. This has been helping him sleep a little smidgen longer at night. He has become such a distracted nurser that his feedings are short but often. Very often. That is not flying at night time. So a bottle and the cereal helps actually fill him up. This mama needs her rest.

The teething has begun. He is chewing on everything. His hand to mouth coordination has greatly improved. This week he has also entered the thumb sucker club. Everything goes straight into the mouth. So needless to say I have begun paying extra close attention to what's in grabbing distance. He sometimes gets a little fussy and when I notice him chewing extra I'll put an all natural oral mixture on his gums. He has also enjoyed the teether toy sent to us from The Honest Company and the Cornelius Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush & Teether. 

He is still currently in size 2 diapers, but that transition to size 3 is literally on its way. I have a new Honest Company diaper bundle in transit. I'm so excited to recieve this bundle because overnight diapers begin in size 3. I'm currently changing at least 3 - 4 diapers throughout the night. Hopefully, an overnight diaper will help Milo stay comfortable while he sleeps. Possibly through the night...Sometimes he wakes just because his diaper is wet. Which he hates and demands to be changed. I don't blame the fella though. A wet diaper doesn't sound fun. I am just doing so many changes lately. Four months must be the milestone of dirty diapers. With the addition of cereals his poos have been few and far between. The oatmeal caused some constipation which the doctor said was normal. I have already switched him to rice. She warned with the introduction to different foods and as he grows things like his poo poos will change. 

The flat spot on the back of his head has been greatly reducing since he has become a supported sitter. He loves to sit. I prop him up in the curve of my sectional and place two pillows on either side. The pillows are fluffy and he loves to rub all over them. Plus, they keep him sterdy and from falling over. I've been trying to sit him up as much as I can. We've begun using his Bumbo seat more. Now that he will be starting baby foods the use will increase. He loves to play on my lap. I'll growl at him and he will growl back. We bounce which will make him giggle uncontrollably, and his favorite is to go, almost, upside down. He has become so much more interactive with me and the things around him. This age has been my favorite so far. As much as I want him to grow up big, healthy and strong. I wish I could keep him just like this.

Weight: 15.19 lbs 40%
Length 26 in 81%
Head 16 in 34%

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