Review: Luvs Diapers Size 2

by - December 07, 2016

Ok, so I didn't purchase these. They were gifted to me at my baby shower, as many various other brands were. It's common for people to bring diapers, as part of their gift, to a baby shower. Thankfully guests do so. It helps out so much since babies are notorious for going through a mass amount of diapers. This grants the opportunity to see what brands of necessary items you and baby like best.

As many of you know I have chosen to turn my home into an Honest Company household. They are plant based, chemical free, hypoallergenic, and the diapers fit so snugly. Even though I use the Honest Company diaper delivery service I have still been using up the diapers from my baby shower. I don't want them to go to waste, of course. Plus, we travel so much I try these department store brands to find a back up. Maybe one day I we will be out of town and run out of diapers. Good to know what company works and fits best. However, this brand particularly has been a doozey. I nor Milo is very pleased with any aspect of this diaper to be quite frank.

I use a five point review system. Below are the categories I consider when rating a product or service. Next to the category are my honest thoughts and opinions. Even though some product reviews are sponsored, every review will always be honest, and full of my true opinions.

Price: The price is fairly cheap for a "name brand" product, but the quality reflects it. Around $6.99 per 40 ct package. Some companies  are more expensive, while off brand companies can be on the cheaper end of the scale. These diapers are nice in the fact they land somewhere in the middle when it comes to cost. However, I would rather pay the extra dollar or so for a higher quality product.

Quality: I don't have many good things to say about the quality of these diapers. I noticed how cheap and flimsy they were from the moment I opened the packaging. The fit is terrible. Very over sized and bulky. Diapers have ripped and the straps have come off during changes. Size 2 should fit a baby from 12 to 18 lbs and these seem to be large enough for a toddler. Milo is on target for his weight and size, but these diapers go up past the mid point of his back. Almost reaching his shoulders. They are packed full of chemicals and "odor blocker". You can smell the "fumes" and chlorine once the package seal has been broken. Milo has even gotten a rash for the very first time since I began using these. I most likely won't finish using up the pack since the products used in the manufacturing of these diapers clearly aren't safe and causing a reaction on his skin.

Convenience: They are a larger diaper so they have a hard time fitting in my changing station on my pack n play, or in my diaper bag. Many have broken during changes so I have had to grab another one mid diaper change. Having a boy this is risky business. The only convenience is that this brand is common. The diaper itself however is not very convenient.

Design: The design is terrible. Has a cute little cartoon monkey detail, but the fit is awful. Over sized, bulky, and boxy. They are packed full of dyes and chemicals. The straps don't stick properly, so they don't stay on well. Poorly designed and manufactured. The diaper has a very boxy cut so the diaper doesn't hug the curves of baby. This leaves gaps and unprotected areas. Leading to blow outs, messes, and more often outfit changes. Ain't no mama got time for that!

Accessibility: This may be the only savings grace this product has. These diapers and this brand can be found almost anywhere. Walmart, Target, discount stores, supermarkets. Heck, even some filling stations carry this brand. The reason this brand gets any Gold Stars is because of this. If I am out and about, anywhere across the nation, I'm sure I can find these if I run out. Will I buy them..? Probably not, but if you are in a pinch there ya go. Personally I would rather wrap Milo in an old t shirt before using these again, but the fact is they are easily accessible and that's a bonus.

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Luvs Brand Diapers Size 2 
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