Gift Ideas for a Mama Bear

by - December 20, 2016

To help all you Papa bears out during the holiday season, I have compiled a list of unique & creative gift ideas, surely to make any Mama Bear gleam with joy. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to shop family and local businesses. Who really wants a cookie cutter present, anyway? I will always vote yes to supporting a family over a corporation. Etsy is the perfect place to find almost anything handmade, homemade, or vintage.

♡ Coffee Basket
What would be more perfect for that sleepy Mama Bear in your life? These can be purchased or you can build a basket yourself elevating the level of thoughtfulness. Adding in things like keepsake/personalized mugs, chocolates, trial sizes of varied coffees and teas, espresso beans, coffee towels, and yummy creamers. There is a wide  variety of family/locally run Etsy shops that specialize in personalization as well.

♡ A Matching Set
The Pine Torch is a clothing company that hand makes unique boho styles for the whole family. I found them originally on Etsy but they have since grown into their own website. They even have a section of mommy and me styles for mama bears who enjoy "twinning" with their little ones.
Use code "Trailblazer10" for 10% off.

♡ A Wine A Day Keeps The Crazy Away
Sign her up for a monthly wine service. These subscriptions can be customized for the length of your choosing. Anywhere from one month to a whole year! Watch after that precious baby bear for a scheduled night during the week. This will be her special night. While she tries a glass of her new monthly wine, takes a nice hot bubble bath, and reads a book. All in peace and quite. This is the gift that keeps on giving. Similar to a workforce weekend, it's nice to have a break and something to look forward too.

♡ Pamper Those Paws
Book her a day of relaxation with mani-pedi's at a local spa or salon. Mama bears spend so much time taking care of everyone else, they will often times forget about themselves.

♡ Some Time Together
Many couples can drift apart once a baby bear enters the cave. Finding the balance when going from a twosome to a threesome can heed it's own set of challenges. It's hard to plan nights out or have any quality time alone. So this is a gift idea for you both!

•Book a couples massage. Often times spas will have holiday specials just for this particular occasion. 

•Plan a movie night, and let her choose! This can be a night in or out. Just like the coffee basket you could build a movie basket! Include some of her favorite movies, candies, and flavored popcorns. Get as creative as you wish. 

•I'm sure like any woman she has hinted at a new restaurant in town, a show opening at the theater, or a band coming into the area. It's even more important to pay attention to those subtle hints, when it's close to her birthday, anniversary, and of course during the holidays.

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