3 Month Update

by - December 24, 2016

Milo is now three months old! It is astonishing how fast time is wizzing by. Every time I do one of these updates, it gives me a moment to reflect on how much my little boy has changed from one milestone to the next. It's an incredible experience to watch him grow, learn, and explore on the daily.
He has begun to recognize people. Obviously, I was first, yay go me, but he now remembers people he doesn't see 24/7. He has started remembering when his dad will come home and he will play with his fuzzy beard. They kick back for a little while before bedtime in that terrible "baller grandpa" reclining chair. Milo knows my friend Jess, who I work out with during the week. Even grandma! He has only met her twice but whenever we chat I put her on speaker phone. Partly because I am a busy bee mama and also so he can hear her voice. 

We are visiting the grandparents now for Christmas and he has played, smiled and laughed so much with them. This trip down to Bryce Valley has already been so much different than our Halloween trip. He is older, stronger, and I have had more time to get comfortable with motherhood. We haven't had so many people around him this time and have set aside times for his naps. 

My sweet little boy has definitely mastered the art of spitting up. He goes through more outfit changes than a drag queen on a Saturday night. My sweet little man had also thrown his first ever tantrum. It was terrifying and even a little embarrassing. Gut wrenching screams right in the middle of an LDS Christmas Party my friend invited me too. If the attendees weren't so family oriented I swear they would have thought I was a terrible mother. One thing that is certain about babies is that they cry, get fussy, sleepy, and flustered from time to time.

Milo has been all about playing recently. He reaches, grabs, and pulls the toys on his lagoon play mat. His hand eye coordination has been improving greatly. He not only recognizes people, but also his toys. He has his favorites, but they all go right into his mouth. Rolling over has also been a new advancement. He began doing this a while back very seldom. Now he does it anytime he can. Especially when he plays. When placed on his tummy he now keeps his head lifted and crawls the tiniest bit. Soon this little fella with be a mobile handful. Michael can't wait for him to crawl and walk, but I'm holding onto these moments as long as I can. Baby proofing is in my near future. 

I believe a favorite for me during this age, milestone, and season, has been the Christmas music. Milo loves when I sing to him, and when he hears music on the radio or tv. All through December I played Christmas music in the mornings and he already has favorites. "Frosty the Snow Man", "Hippopotamus for Christmas", "Come All Ye Faithful", and "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree". His face would light up, smiles as big as could be, and laughs so adorable. When certain songs would come on he would kick his legs and wiggle so wild. He loves Christmas music and that comes from me! I adore the idea of him being musically talented or at least having an interest. I wish I could say I had some talent in that department, but unfortunately I do not. 

He is growing so quickly I at times can't believe it. I wish I could slow down time, but all I can do is charish every moment I have with him. Before I know it he will not be a baby anymore, and even though I am proud at each of his milestones, I wish he could stay my baby forever.  
"Hold him a little longer, rock him a little more, read him another story, you've only read him four, let him sleep on your shoulder, rejoice in his happy smile, he is only a little boy, for such a little while."

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