Two Months Old

by - November 20, 2016

It feels like just yesterday we were in the hospital. Meeting each other, in person, for the first time. The entire journey from pregnancy to motherhood is so incredibly surreal. It's amazing how someone so small can impact my life in such a strong and powerful way. Milo brings me such joy and happiness. Especially now that he has begun to laugh, smile and play. He started out loving his Bright Starts play mat, but he seems lately to have mentally outgrown it. It just seems to be a little boring these days. So I ordered him a new one that looks like so much more fun. We'll have to wait and see what he thinks.

My little man had his two month check up too. He now weighs 11 pounds and is 22 inches long. A little on the shorter side, but that is to be expected. We had a new pediatrician this time. Same practice, just a new partner. Our original doctor went on maternity leave believe it or not. I actually liked this new doctor much more. She listened to my concerns and wasn't judgmental. We will continue to see her from now on.

Lately, I've noticed Milo has a flat spot on the back of his head. She mentioned that was from holding him favorably to one side and laying on his playmat. The new playmat has a little pillow so that should help. I've also been turning his head and I even moved his favorite toy to his other side. It's kind of awkward but I've been trying to hold him more on my right side vs my left. I don't want his head to be shaped funny, even though the doctor told me not to worry. That it will work it's self out. Soon he will be sitting up, crawling, and walking she mentioned. Ugh I can't even imagine. I do want my baby to grow and advance, but at the same time I want him to stay my little baby boy forever.
The doctor went on to ask me some questions about his development and if he has started rolling over. Milo has been rolling over for a couple weeks now. He always goes from back to front, never front to back. He has even been crawling a little when I put him on his tummy. Very little, he gets tired fairly easily. That's alot of work for such a little fella. She congratulated him and informed me that he is very advanced for his age and to keep up the good work. My baby is advanced :) that's something that makes me feel good. I do try my best to make him the best he can be.

So after getting all this good news, then came the bad. Milo had to get more vaccine shots. I chose to get them when recommended because he will have to have them before he starts school anyways. I would rather have them spread out the vaccines to lower the risks of side effects, than to have him get them all at the same time. Getting them all at once would increase his chances of getting multiple illnesses and suffering from various side effects all at one time. That could be dangerous to someone so small. Also waiting decreases the chances of narrowing down any allergies and illnesses he may be susceptible too. Getting his shots didn't make him very happy. I don't handle things like this well at all, either. He was wailing by the time the nurse was finished. I can barely take my baby being caused pain. However, it's a necessary evil. Plus, I can't stand even the sight of a needle. Total heebeejeebees!

The doctor warned me he might get a fever and be a little fussier than normal. She was right. Later Milo got a fever of 101.8° and fought back tears the entire night. For a couple of days after even. I knew he didn't feel good and I tried everything I could to make him better. Got him some new warm cozy pj's, gave him some infant Tylenol to break his fever and wrapped him up in blankets. I did nothing but cuddle him for a couple days.

I also got a call from the photography studio that took Milo's photos in the hospital. When I went into Gene Russell Photography to look at the newborn photos, I decided to get holiday portraits done instead. His skin was extra flaky as a newborn. He was a little over cooked. So the photos didn't really turn out very cute. This way I can give the Christmas photos as gifts and use them for holiday decor. Maybe I'll do a Christmas photo every year and hang them up like a "Christmas through the ages".

He was so incredibly fussy during the photo session we didn't get too many shots in. He was still not feeling great after his shots and we had some people working on our floors that morning. So he wasn't able to get in his morning naps. At the end of the day I think we picked some good shots. We always have next year and I already have some super ideas picked out.

He is flying through these diaper sizes. As soon as we use up the few of size 1 diapers we have left, he will be onto size 2. He outgrew his first winter jumper too and now he is onto the teddy bear jumpsuit I got from H&M Kids in size 2-4 months. (That can be found on my Facebook page and will also be included in a future H&M Kids clothing review.) Honestly, though it's darling. Pick one up for winter if you can. Milo looks so cute as a little bear.

Thankfully, he has begun taking fewer, longer naps vs. many, short naps. This gives me so much time to get more done. I haven't put him on a day time schedule yet, but soon that will come. I'm thinking when I try to sleep train him. Right now I feel he is still too young. I'm just letting him do what he needs. If he needs to sleep, he sleeps. If he needs to eat, he eats. Also, he now only wakes up twice a night instead of every couple hours. This has been great. He will wake up between 12:00 and 1:00 am, and finally between 5:00 am and 6:00 am. This is a good schedule for now. I don't mind waking up early. The Smith's market I shop at is twenty four hours, so going early in the morning I'm able to beat the crowds. I don't like crowed public places and when I have his car seat limiting my view it's easier for us to run our errands early.

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