Review: Papa Bear Box

by - November 20, 2016

I would like to start of this review by saying "thank you" to the Papa Bear Box company for being kind enough to send Michael a free papa bear box to try! Milo and I recieve goods and discounts all the time, while not many of the father based companies have been as willing or supportive. A big thanks from him and I.

First Impressions:

We loved the rustic feel to the box and the variety of products once we opened it. There were 9 very different pieces ranging from grooming to candy. There are so many monthly subscriptions, some we even subscribe to, but not any like this for dad's & son's to share. We really like this idea. Dad's become such an over thought throughout pregnancy and expecially once baby is on board. One thing we liked is that Michael could tell these items were picked by other dad's. #DadPower

What Was Inside:

▪Green Goo 100% All Natural First Aid Stick
We keep this in the medicine pouch that we toss in the diaper bag. Works great for bug bites, cuts, sunburns, poison ivy, and dry skin. We've been using it and will definitely be ordering more. I linked Green Goo's facebook below.

This is something I was super excited about. This product turns canning jars into travel mugs! Super rustic and chic, all while big convenient because I have an abundance of jars. I also use jars while camping to safely store food, so this will be a useful feature while out in the woods or even just on the go. Perfect for Milo once he gets a bit older too. Made in the USA. Company link is included. Check them out!

▪AWAKE Chocolate Bar X2
These are caffeinated chocolate bars! One of these bars is equivalent to one cup of joe! Yummm. Perfect for his long drives. Made in Canada. Link below!

▪ The Peoples Soap Company Bar
Chef Soap Bar. Claims to remove garlic funk with Litsea, Coffee, and Salt. Reclaimed coffee grounds from Wide Eyes Open Palms LBS Pop Up Coffee Shop. Let's pray Michael uses this! Link below.

▪ Imperial - Barber Grade Products  (3 pcs.)
Shaving soap canister, soap puck, and shaving brush. Perfect for traveling. Which Michael does plenty of. He only shaves in the warmer months, though. He becomes a bit of a mountain man in the winter, but told me to save this and he wants to try it out. He was actually looking into getting an old fashioned shaving kit.

▪ Aden + Anais - Bandana Bib
I love this! It's super soft, absorbent, and so so chic. It's a little too big for Milo now but he will grow into it.

Final Thoughts:

We were pleasently surprised by the October Papa Bear Box. All the products were of high quality and I was shocked by how much was stuffed into this mailer. All the products we recieved will continue to get great use and a few will even be reordered. I love that this opened us up to companies and products we wouldnt have otherwise known of. Every month is different so we will be ordering forsure. Maybe a nice Christmas, Father's Day, or Birthday gift. Subscriptions and prices vary. Check out Papa Bear Box for yourself or for a papa bear in your life.

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