My Postpartum Workout Routine

by - November 30, 2016

Getting back in shape after baby can be such a daunting task. It's stressful, I'm tired, and it's so hard to keep motivated. With dishes in the sink, dirty clothes on the floor, and a crying baby, some days I just don't have the time or the willpower. That's fine! Work outs shouldn't be dreaded. I feel fitness should be the time I take out of the day for myself. Something I can do to make "ME" feel good. Trust me when I say I don't always find working out enjoyable, but I do always enjoy the feelings I get afterward. Now, of course, I don't follow this routine religiously. Some days I'm busy, too tired, and need a coffee the size of my butt just to make it through the day. However, I do try my best to get in at least one or two, if not all three of these workouts every week day. As long as I do something fitness productive I feel like it's a good day.

Before I head down to my apartment's fitness center, I begin every morning with stretches. Now this is simple so I didn't include this in my routine. I spend about 10 - 15 minutes loosening up before doing my cardio. (If you would like a stretch routine leave a comment below. I'd be happy to share) This cardio routine is where I am at 10 weeks post partum c-section. Now, you may be in better shape or had a vaginal delivery and be more recovered than me. You may also need to work into this for a bit. Adjust as necessary and take your time.

Treadmill - 3.5 incline & 2.5 speed - 10 minutes (warm up)
                    3.5 incline & 3.0 speed - 20 minutes
Bike - Level 2 resistance - 15 minutes

Choose one to do each day of the week. Example - Monday can be arms, Tuesday can be legs etc. Just like cardio adjust the reps as needed. You may want to start with less, or more. Listen to your body.

Bicep Curl - 25 reps 
Upright Row - 25 Reps 
Triceps Kickback - 25 reps 
Overhead Shoulder Press - 25 reps 
Bent Over Butterfly - 25 reps
Arm Circles (Clockwise) - 25 reps 
Arm Circles (Counter Clockwise) - 25 reps 

Legs & Bum:
Glute Bridge - 25 reps 
Pulse Squat - 25 reps
Donkey Kicks - 25 reps 
Basic Leg Lift - 50 reps - 25 reps each side
Clam Shell - 50 reps - 25 reps each side
Fire Hydrant - 50 reps - 25 reps each side
Calf Raises - 25 reps
Reverse Leg Lifts - 50 reps - 25 reps each side

Criss-cross - 25 reps
Flutter Kicks - 30 reps 
Heal Touches - 30 reps 
Crunch - 25 reps 
Full Crunch - 25 reps
Leg Lower - 5 second reps X5 
Side Leg Dips - 30 reps -15 reps each side
Cross Over Crunch - 25 reps
Bicycles - 50 reps

Full Plank - 25 seconds
Elbow Plank - 25 seconds
Side Plank - 50 second - 25 seconds each side
Elbow Plank w/ Hip Dips - 30 reps - 15 reps each side
Elbow Plank w/ Leg Raises - 50 reps - 25 reps each side
Mountain Climbers - 50 reps - 25 reps each side

Back & Chest:
Chest Press - 25 reps
Knee Push Up - 25 reps
Chest Fly - 25 reps
Shoulder Press - 25 reps
Pull Over - 25 reps
Push Press - 25 reps
Bent Over Lateral Raise - 25 reps
Lateral Raise - 25 reps
Bent Over Row - 25 reps

End of Workout/End of Day
I like to end the afternoon workout or day, whenever I find the time, with a yoga session. I love Sarah Beth's Yoga videos on youtube. I began watching her videos before I became pregnant and continued with her prenatal routines. I linked her channel below.

I don't work out on weekends. Those are my days of rest and I spend out and about with my friends and family. Now you can continue this routine through the weekends by simply rotating through the afternoon workouts. If you do, more power to you! Just make sure to listen to your body. Take a day off if you need too, and don't push yourself too hard. You still need to be able to conquer that #Momlife!

In closing I'll leave you with this. Don't get discouraged. Results won't happen over night. All good things come in time. It took nine long months to grow that baby bear, and aren't they perfect? Don't be too hard on yourself. No matter what you do your body is going to be different. You may never get your exact "before baby body" back. Face it, you're hips are wider, your boobs are bigger, and you are older. You had a baby!! That's such an incredible gift. These changes in our bodies don't have to be a bad thing either. Mama Bears have hips, tits, and asses that don't lie! We are no longer teenagers, we are woman! Embrace those mama bear curves, in a healthy way! Be fierce in your new body. Most importantly love yourself in it.

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