Baby Shower

by - November 30, 2016

Thanks to Beth and her unbelievable kindness and generosity we decided to continue with the planning of the baby shower. Her unwavering acts of support helped me push through the seemingly endless battles with my mother, family drama, and the stress of an uncertain cross country move, in the weeks leading up to this day. At the end of the day everything worked out perfectly and the day was beautiful. Many people were unable to attend, but I am more than ok with that, and grateful to have spent time with those who did. I don't necessarily like to be the center of attention and larger groups fuss with my anxiety. For me the turn out was perfect, with some very special people in attendance. My friend since "toddlerhood" was able to make it out with her fiance and little baby boy Luis all the way from the Big Apple. With all the traveling I have done in the west and her conquering the fashion world on the east, we haven't seen each other in years. Also sharing the day were friends old and new along with their children. It was great to catch up with everyone before leaving for my move to Nevada the next morning. My car was actually loaded up with my belongings and suitcases in the parking lot. Over the years I have been so in and out with my wanderlust lifestyle it's great to bring everyone together when possible, and what better occasion than a new little baby joining us in the world!
The location was also perfect for the rustic woodland theme I desired. I am one who loves to be outside and enjoy nature. So Beth and I took that into consideration when deciding on a venue. She has hosted many day camps and outings with her girls scout troop over the years and knew of a pavilion in Hinckley Reservation Metro Park we could use for free. For this particular pavilion they don't take reservations, which I find odd because it is the nicest one in my opinion. So we had to get there early since it is on a first come first serve basis. Not being by the water though was perfect for a baby shower, due to the Zika virus going around. The Whipps Ledges Picnic Pavilion has a stone staircase and walking path leading to its grand beamed opening. Stone pillars and walls lined the outside of the space while massive wooden beams supported the structure. There is an over look that has a breathtaking view of the tree tops. We didn't need many decorations to make this a rustic woodland paridise. We lined the tables with red and white picnic plaid table cloths and burlap runners. We used branches, plush woodland animals, and cupped sapling evergreen trees to decorate the table tops. The Evergreen Saplings doubled as guest favors to take home and plant. A gift of fresh air and new life in the celebration of my new life. We also made a fun twist on the traditional "decorate your own onesie" party entertainment with a tie dye station!
Keeping with the simple picnic/outdoorsy theme we carried that over into our menu choices. The pavilion provided us with grills so that's one more thing that made this location perfectly effortless. For the main course we grilled kabobs, prepared chicken salad croissants, pasta salad, and fruit sticks. Drinks, we provided water and a green party punch. The punch was a hit with the kids, but honestly kids will eat or drink anything that looks like it will glow in the dark. Desserts was where it got fun! Smores brownies, mini apple, cherry, and berry pies, and tiny leafed cupcakes. Doesn't get much more woodland than a smores brownie bar!
We continued to keep things a bit untraditional in the games department as well. I'm not one to be wrapped in toilet paper or smell a "messy diaper" so instead we found some other theme and co ed appropriate games. Baby animal name trivia followed our along with our theme, baby lotto tickets, and gift bingo was fun for everyone! I made all the prizes since I run a small online store. I make my own organic home and body products and I designed special baby shower lables for all the candles, lotions and sea salt scrubs. While opening my gifts it definitely put things into perspective for this first time mommy. Things like butt paste and bottle cleaners aren't the first things I look at when I go baby shopping. I have been so focused on the cutsie things like bath towels that will make him look like a bear, little baby boots, or nursery decor, the essentials barely crossed my mind. Thanks to many of my friends having children already they kept those necessary baby pieces in mind when shopping for their gifts. Which is greatly appreciated. No sense in having a baby looking cute if he is crying due to dry skin or diaper rash.
The day was perfect and a special thanks to everyone who came out to enjoy the day. Below I have listed links and recipes. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures because I was so busy enjoying the day and my guests, I just forgot. So please comment or email me if you have any questions. I will be happy to answer them.

Whipps Ledges Picnic Area (Stone Pavilion)
Hinckley Reservation Metro Parks
Hinckley Ohio

Guest Favors:
Ready to plant cupped baby Milo trees!
Evergreen Sapling Transplants aka Little Baby Trees!

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