What's In My Hospital Bag

by - October 22, 2016

Here is a list of the items I packed in my hospital bag. Items with a "♥" are the items I actually used. I definitely over packed just a bit. Next to the items are brands or where I got them.

Bag - Faded Glory
♥Sweat pants - Kohls
♥California Republic Hoodie - Marshalls
2 Leggings - H&M
3 pairs of socks
5 pairs of underwear
3 tank tops - No Boundaries
♥Slippers - Walmart
♥Boots - Bear Paw
Bath Robe - Target

♥Body wash - OGX Coconut Miracle Oil
♥Shampoo - Head N Shoulders 2 in 1
♥Conditioner  - Garnier Whole Blends Naturals
♥Face wash- Honest Company Beauty
♥Lotion - Honest Company Beauty
♥Travel Tooth brush
♥Tooth paste - Tom's
Makeup - Honest Company Beauty
Make up remover wipes - Marshalls
Nipple Balm - Honest Company
Pads - Always Infinity
♥Hair brush -Goodie
♥Hair ties - Goodie
♥Head band - Goodie

Sweat pants - Walmart
T shirt
Jeans - CalRanch
3 pairs of boxers
3 pairs of socks
Tooth brush
Deodorant - Old Spice

♥Going home outfit
Plain white onesies - Gerber
Hat - H&M New Arrival
Socks - Gerber
mittens - Carter
Bandana Bib - H&M
♥Diaper bag - Orla Keily
   (Diaper bag includings)
♥Nursing Pillow - NursingPillow.com

♥Tablet - Samsung Galaxy Tab 4
Cash - Vending/Cafeteria 
Blanket - Better Homes

The hospital provides clothing and blankets for your newborn. Also, practically everything you need, as well. The cafeteria catered three meals a day for Michael and I. To our surprise the food wasn't bad. Pretty good actually. However, cash for the vending machine was helpful during the hours the cafeteria was closed. I made a labor and delivery playlist on Spotify and watched Netflix to keep me entertained. It can become very boring in the hospital so I recommend bringing something of interest. Tablet, phone, books, magazines...etc.

Things I wish I had brought:
Ear plugs
Sleep mask
Body Pillow

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