Review: The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

by - October 20, 2016

I absolutely love this warmer! It fits most bottle sizes and quickly heats up them up when I'm in a hurry. I like that it's small and compact. Doesn't take up much room on my already limited counter space. The idea of the sanitizer cap is perfect. I wash Milo's bottles and my pump pieces seperate and by hand, then allow them to air dry. The extra sanitation eases my clean freak mind and keeps germs away from my precious baby boy. It's also wallet friendly compared to other warmers I have seen, but the price definitely doesn't hinder the quality. This warmer saves me so much time compared to other methods of warming, and as a new first time mother time is not something I can not afford to waste.
Emma Dawn's Gold Hearts Review
💛💛💛💛  4/5

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